5 Heroes Who Could Just as Easily Be Villains

The line between hero and villain is pretty black-and-white in the world of comic books, but sometimes there is a little grey area that a select few live inside.



Let’s not forget who this guy is — HE’S THE GODDAMN BATMAN; someone not to be screwed with on any level. His parents were murdered in front of him. In his early years as a vigilante he was just as deadly as our number-one pick. He keeps a little black book that lists the weakness of every villain and hero alike in the DC universe. His actions are both single-minded and, in true antihero fashion, self-serving.



There are a lot of heroes that fall into this hole. Ghost Rider, Spawn, the list is pretty long. They all made some sorta deal with the devil to return for one last chance. Al Simmons was no different. A CIA goon murdered by his boss, he made a deal for one last chance to see his wife. Noble. Except the deal turned him into a hellspawn.



Bruce Banner, a nerdy scientist, sacrifices himself to save a loner that stumbles upon an atomic test site. This action transforms Bruce into THE INCREDIBLE HULK. Over the years Hulk has become more mainstream, less angry. But that isn’t the Hulk. The Jade Goliath is an angry monster that just wants to be left alone. He has tangled with every villain and hero Marvel has to offer and has come out on top nearly every time. He’s destroyed countless cities and lives, but they still won’t leave him alone.



There is no question that The Wolverine is the most dangerous of any of these characters. Nearly impossible to kill, he’s tangled with Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk and every member of the X-Men. But somehow, he’s still called a hero…



Frank Castle is one messed up SOB. A drive by shooting that led to the deaths of his wife and two children turned Frank Castle into the trigger-happy Punisher, a vigilante to the max. His targets are not just thugs, rapist and murdering mobsters; he has also targeted just about every major hero in the Marvel universe. 

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  1. Evan Henry // March 19, 2014 at 1:05 am // Reply

    Funny tidbit about the Punisher: He basically was a villain during his first appearance. He was up against Spider-Man for allegedly killing Norman Osborn, but aside from that he had the sort of attitude that allowed him to take potshots at jaywalkers without feeling bad about it. This was later chalked up to mind control, IIRC.

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