No More Heroes


No More Heroes (2008)
Publisher: Ubisoft
Console: Wii
Rated: M

(*Screams at the top of his lungs, inside a compactor, crushing a car*) SO A HORSE WALKS INTO A BAR AND THE BARTENDER SAYS “WHY THE LONG FACE?” (*The car is compacted and he jumps out of the compactor*) No? Nothing? Ah, well. I thought it was funny. Anyway, for our next review, we have…(*goes through a pile of junk*) No More Heroes! Quite possibly the freakiest freak-out of all freakin’ time! You save the game on a toilet! I don’t think it gets any freakier than that! Mikey, you’re on…

Why can’t I be the one who tells jokes? In any case, No More Heroes is the story of Travis Touchdown and his quest to become head of the United Assassins Association. All that’s stopping him is ten of the world’s best killers. Travis fights with a “beam katana” which is *ahem* more than a little like a light saber.

The game has a free-roaming world, allowing Travis to move around on foot or on his modified scooter. Gameplay is open-ended, with the condition that the player must kill the top ten assassins to make the storyline progress. There are numerous part time job side quests to earn money which can be spent on weapons, training sessions, clothes and video tapes. Money is also required to compete in a Ranking fight.

Control is handled through the Wii Remote and Nunchuk attachment, with the Remote controlling his weapon, the beam katana, and the Nunchuk moving Travis. Most attacks are performed using the “A” button, with certain other moves, including the “death blow” and sword lock struggles, executed by following on-screen instructions. Further, since the beam katanas run on batteries, they must be charged from time to time by pressing the “1” button on the remote and shaking it. The beam katana can also be upgraded and replaced throughout the game by visiting Dr. Naomi. While the katana does not follow the exact position of the remote, it is able to distinguish between a “high” and “low” position which varies the character stance and the attacks done. In addition to attacks with the beam katana Travis can kick and punch, and when enemies are stunned he can throw them with a number of professional wrestling maneuvers, done by manipulating both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Travis has a secondary mode, “Dark Side,” that is accessed when three icons line up in a slot machine after a successful death blow.

It’s me again. Yes, No More Heroes is a very, very dark game, but it is also very, very funny. Next time I’ll talk about the sequel to No More Heroes as well as the games’ director, Suda51.

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