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I love Kickstarter! Some of my favorite creators are making comics, games, books and movies just for the fans and, sure, to make a few bucks.

What is Kickstarter? It’s a fun way to fund creative and worthwhile projects.

Like these…


TEAM: Sean Dove

PLOT/ABOUT: The Last Days of Danger is an 8″x10″, 56-page library-bound hardcover book on high-quality heavy stock paper. Containing 23 full color illustrations, reviews of the 23 spy films they are inspired by, and notes on each film, it also includes bonus supplemental drawings just for the collection and a foreword by theNerdist podcastJames Bonding. Originally created for the#decembond project and illustrated and written bySean Dove.

HIT OR MISS: I think this one is a big hit. Good mixtures of rewards, good job with the video and the project concept should be a hit with fans of spy genre.

PROJECT: Earthlock: Festival of Magic (Wii U, PS4, XBO, PC & Mac)


TEAM: Snow Castles Games

PLOT/ABOUT: An original turn-based role-playing game set in a world of machines and magic, a world that stopped spinning thousands of years ago.

On Umbra, a planet that mysteriously stopped spinning ages ago, war is brewing. As desert scavenger Amon, you must stop the coming war by unlocking the mysteries of Umbra and prevent an ancient, magical cult seizing the power.

HIT OR MISS: This one is tough to call. By the time of this posting they will be around 20k short with only a few days left. My guess is they make it. Just barely. I think their uninteresting middle tier rewards hurt.

PROJECT: The Extractor (Comic Book Mini-Series)



PLOT/ABOUT: A mini-series about a prisoner-turned-vigilante, with writing and artwork directly inspired by various comics of the 1980s.

The Extractor is a four issue mini-series written by novelist Jayme K. (Disorderly) and illustrated by Joel Amat Güell, founder of the Fade to Black charity project.

Crispin Callow is a journalist who’s been framed for his wife’s death and after twelve years locked away with Boston’s worst he has only two things in mind: justice and retribution.

HIT OR MISS: Okay, no brainer hit! Super easy goal, story and art hit on all the best things of the 80’s.

Hey, if you have a Kickstarter that needs a little shout. I would be happy to take a look at it and maybe even feature your project.

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