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Still Masters of the Universe

MoU Growing up in the eighties there were a few cartoons that I never missed.  Thunder Cats, Transformers, and Masters of the Universe, or as I called it “He-man.”  The show was my first taste of fantasy and sci-fi, which led to my life long love affair with the genre.  I stumbled across DC’s revamp comic series last fall.  It was a six-issue story arc with two origin story one shots.  I noticed it at the bottom of the comic rack.  They were already on issue number four and there were no issue number ones left. 

Having a nerd flash back to my child hood I grabbed the number two issue and threw it in my stack.  I put it on the bottom of my read pile and forgot about it.  A few days later I picked up my last comic to read for the week.  It was Maters of the Universe number two.  I read straight through it without stopping.  It was a great story.  On my next trip to Korner Comics I bought the next two and every issue they put out to the end.   I even ordered a six-dollar issue number one off of Amazon.  All my favorite characters from the show were there, and even better there was now a depth to their characters that made them more real.  The six-issue arc was a great way to revamp the old storylines.  The one shots were the origins of Skeletor and He-man.  Skeletor’s in particular was very good.  It revealed his connection to Greyskull and his brother, the King. 

I suppose that six month tease was just DC’s way of testing the waters for an ongoing series.  “Masters of the Universe” came back in the spring as an ongoing, with master writer Kieth Giffen.  The first series sported writing credits for Geoff Johns and James Robinson.  However, I‘m loving Giffen’s storyline’s and how he is treating this classic material.  He holds completely true to the characters and setting of the TV show.  However, his in depth look at the characters and their intertwining histories and great plots enrich the overall saga.  Pop Mhan’s art coincides with Giffen’s story so well that I can’t imagine any of the characters looking any other way. 

Then, the wonderful folks at DC gave us the next logical step:  DC vs. Masters of the Universe.  A six part crossMoU_2over event where Dark Orko and Skeletor open up an inter-dimensional portal into the DC universe with plans to steal the magical energy of Earth.  Without giving away too many spoiHeman Supeslers, let me just say, “He-man vs. Superman.”  In the second issue the Man of Steel squares off with the Power of Greyskull.  It was an unexpected “nerdgasm” moment.

Kieth Giffen continues to deliver and I look forward to delving deeper into this comic world where truly Giffen has become a Master of the Universe.  

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