Digging Up Resurrection Man


Resurrection Man (1997-1999)
Publisher: DC Comics
Created by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Butch Guice

(*Goes and tries pull out the collected edition of Resurrection Man from a very large pile of literary material. The pile collapses and the room is a sea of books.*) Resurrection Man should have gotten all the attention Preacher got. Both have that dirty/religious thing going on. Check out that whole pseudo-crucifixion thing on the first page in the first issue. Also, three words: stripper bounty hunters. Here’s Mikey with a summary:

At first Mitchell Shelley was a corrupt lawyer who was unwillingly experimented upon. He was a subject for nanotechnology testing, the nanomachines known as tekites. The company who experimented on him was known only as the Lab. Initially, the experiments rendered Mitch amnesiac. The tektites caused Mitch’s deaths to only last a few seconds, then he would come back with a new super power.

After leaving the Lab he fought an incarnation of the Amazo android. Resurrection Man defeated Amazo, and this caught the attention of the JLA. Mitch has been chased by the Body Doubles, the two female bounty hunters who work for the Lab (and yes, they are also strippers).

It was later revealed that the Lab only gave Mitchell the ability of instant resurrection. His past reaches far back to the time of cavemen. Through all the time he has lived, he has always encountered everyone’s favorite world-conquering hominid, Vandal Savage. Resurrection Man has always foiled Savage’s schemes before dying; Mitchell Shelley is the counter-agent of Vandal Savage.

Phantom Stranger considers Resurrection Man to be a friend of his, even though Mitchell does not recall ever meeting him before. The Forgotten Heroes recruited Resurrection Man thinking he was the latest incarnation of Immortal Man. Shelley revealed to the group that he was not Immortal Man, but something completely different.

By the end of the Resurrection Man series, he helped face down a threat to the Multiverse that the JLA, JSA, Young Justice, and the Forgotten Heroes could not tackle alone. The threat had to do with Mitch’s origins, Vandal Savage, and Immortal Man. The threat was stopped when Immortal Man sacrificed himself to save the multiverse. Since then, Resurrection Man wanders the DC Universe helping others and fighting crime outside the mainstream DC universe, like Caine in Kung-Fu.

I’m back again. I would recommend reading the early stuff in a collected edition. The New 52 book is…well…I don’t know. Read at your own risk. The start of the Resurrection Man’s tale has all you can ever want including, yes, that’s right, stripper bounty hunters.

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  1. Stripper bounty hunters: sold!!! My introduction to Resurrection Man was during the launch of the New52. I enjoyed it, but it was soon cancelled 🙁

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