Visionbooks Goes From the Underworld to Oz and Beyond!

steamenginesofoz1aAnimation revolutionaries Visionbooks brings comics to life in their iPad only app and this week’s new releases are epic. Download new issue comics from Arcana Publishing (The Steam Engines of Oz, Kade: Original Sun) and A.P.N.G. Enterprises (NEW-GEN). Visionbooks’ new digital-technology brings illustrated panels to life with dimensional action and is the most advanced motion-illustration developed within the comic book industry so far. Never seen books from Visionbooks? Check out samples of the first issues in the series at Want to get your hands on the new releases? Download the app at

What’s coming out this week:


Find out how the Emerald City has transformed in the last 100 years as Victoria Wright and her friends plot their escape only to fall into the clutches of a terrifying threat. This re-imagining of Oz through a steampunk lens is a must read for fans of Oz, steampunk, an exciting story, and fantastic art!


Kade and Kamric are trapped in a cathedral by Apollyon and hundreds of demons. The warriors finally succumb to the masses, and Kade is captured and publicly discredited as the prophesized lord. Kade denounces the prophecy’s claim that he will be the Magnum Dark Lord. Kamric organizes a group of eclectic mercenaries to attempt to save Kade..but will it be too late?


School is in session! As Chris and Sean prepare to enter a new school in New York City, many of the same old problems they have had to deal with continue to pop up. Gabriel encounters challenges finding the best way of teaching the A.P.N.G. on NEW-GEN. Meanwhile, Deadalus has made a shocking discovery about his time in the Underworld, a discovery that may lead him to more power than he has ever had before. Will more innocents suffer as he tries to return to NEW-GEN?


Visionbooks is a division of Visionborne Inc. Founded in 2012, Visionborne created a ground breaking technology, Armid that turns static editorial content into enriched, vibrant and skillfully animated format. Visionbooks believes in the universal language of comics and strive to provide artists and writers the best, most innovative means of getting their message across to others. Prior to launching Visionbooks, Francesco Scrufari and Simone Offredo, founded Ulixe, a well-recognized European provider of web-based services and international solutions for the banking and industrial sectors.

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