Geek Goddess Resurrected

g2g announced today the return of their advice column, The Geek Goddess. Begun in 2004, The Geek Goddess doled out advice for the lovelorn combining both conventional wisdom and the unique viewpoint of the geek experience. In 2005, the writer showed her proof of success by getting married and starting down a new life as geek spouse and mom. This April, a new divine diva found her way to and has picked up the column. Want to see the first post? Visit Want to submit your own question? Email

Spencer Koppel, CEO explains “The first rule of successful dating is go where your potential matches can be found. Going to Gk2Gk is no different from women looking for men at hardware stores. Geeks are often online and we are honored to have some of the most vibrant and interesting people as our members.”

How Gk2Gk is different: We use a highly sophisticated method to score matches. Because geeks have different attitudes about what constitutes a good match. And using an “overall” scoring system, as other sites do, just wouldn’t cut it for geeks. Not only do we use a special “geek” scoring system, you get to pick your top 3 criteria so that your matches can be ranked to reflect your own special criteria.

Monthly full memberships are $12. Visit to join.


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