File 13 Kickstarter Launches

unnamedSmall press publisher Castle Comics announced the launch of their Kickstarter to help fund the first issue of their comic book, File 13. File 13 is high tech, action adventure with a healthy dose of absurdist humor playing out a story of sibling rivalry in tights. Twin brothers unknowingly living out roles they were born to play, ushering in a new age of heroes and villains.

File 13 is an ongoing, full-color series 30 years in the making—from Harvey Award nominated editor Dan Hosek’s initial concept as a 12 year old, to the comic it is today. File 13 is sure to interest traditional comic book fans, with shorter story arcs continually building a deeper mythology. Want to read a preview of the first issue? Visit Want to see how you can help make File 13 #1 possible and all the exclusive pledge rewards available? Visit

What is File 13?

Meet Scott and Randall Solson. Twin brothers who inherited their father’s floundering scientific research company, SolTech. SolTech went from goose to swan under the watchful eyes of Randall’s ruthless business savvy and Scott’s scientific genius. Push comes to shove when Randall buys out Scott’s stake in the company, and then fires him. Feeling a need to serve the greater good, Scott steals his prototype armor, and, well, the world of File 13™ is born.

Super-powered beings haven’t been seen for over 25 years. Their numbers dwindled from a peak in the 1960s until all but disappearing in the mid-1980s. This changes, however, when Scott dons the prototype combat assault neuro-armor (C.A.N.)—a catalyst that ushers in the new age of heroes with Scott at the center. On his journey, he comes across an amazing assortment of weirdoes—some are dangerous, some are friendly, and almost all of them are ridiculous.

And about the title… well, it has an in-story AND a real world double meaning. Tell you what, email if you can figure out why it’s called File 13, and we’ll send you a signed copy of our preview ashcan!

What is Castle Comics?

We know you’re probably thinking: “What’s Castle Comics? Who are these clowns? What’s File 13? Is that guy wearing a garbage can?” Well, if you give us a second we can answer those questions… most of them, at least. 1. Castle Comics is co-writers and collaborators Dan Hosek and Keith Koppenhoefer, artist Ryan Gutierrez, and letterer Paul Tutrone—four guys all with one goal—to bring you FILE 13! 2. See above for what File 13 is. 3. Yes. Yes, he is wearing a garbage can.

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