The Post Apocalyptic World and Why I Love It: Part Two

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So we are living in a post apocalyptic world. There is no government, no medical infrastructure, no military, no police force, no Wal-Mart, none of our modern conveniences. Only ghostly reminders of them remain. You know what? Everything is alright. We all know that in ordUntitled 2er for human society to carry on and grow that it must be governed. However, if history or our current era is any indicator, governments can become corrupt and broken. The corruption runs so deep and permeates all levels of the infrastructure so completely that you wonder if it will ever be what it should. In the post apocalyptic world there is a cleansing of the entire system, and humanity is given a chance to start over. The wonderful thing about it is that we don’t start over from scratch. As the saying goes “Hind sight is 20/20.”

UntitledImagine being able to rebuild the world knowing what pitfalls and mistakes to avoid. We would be free to shape government as we needed it to meet the needs of everyone. In The Walking Dead comic this very idea is playing out for all to enjoy. Issue #127, titled “A New Beginning,” shows a two-year jump, in which Rick and company have built a community with their own working government. I loved every issue of this comic, but I’m very excited about where it is now going. This is the first time I have followed a post apocalyptic story where I see what happens to the characters after they have lived in the newWD9 world for years and are beginning to shape it to fit their needs. Everyone in Rick’s community has a role as part of the group. There is no class system, no monetary exchange, no relationship between the super wealthy and those who govern. There are just people working together so that all can live well. It’s a wonderful thing.

Whatever bad a person might have done in the world before doesn’t matter. As long as they contribute they are a vital part of society. No character portrays this better than everybody’s favorite crossbow wielding zombie slayer, Daryl Dixon. We found out last season that before the walkers Daryl was just drifting from day to day with his brother Merle. He didn’t contribute anything to society. If anything he was part of the problem. In the post apocalyptic world Daryl has found redemption and through the course of the show we all have come to love him and recognize him as an integral member of the community. Even Daryl himself has found self-worth through his contributions to his group.

In the post apocalyptic world Daryl went from a no account loser to a respected part of the group that others look to for leadership. It is a world where a person can remake the world and remake themselves. Isn’t it a place you would want to live?

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