Sundown #1


Sundown #1 (2014)

Script: Isaac Quattlebaum
Art: Christiano Reina
Colors: Nimesh Morarji
Letters: Chuck Amadori

Mikey went off on a bender, so I guess I have to review Sundown by myself. Sundown is the story of Iyana, a Native American woman in the Old West who hires Amelia, a woman with special talents.Iyana needs Amelia’s special talents to rescue Iyana’s chief from an outlaw named Big Bad Roscoe.Let’s start the critique at the very beginning, shall we?

The cover.A shot of a woman with large breasts and guns and knives.Don’t get me wrong.I enjoy a picture of a large breasted woman as much of the next guy.But covers like this one have been done to death.

When we first enter the world of Sundown, the first thing the reader notices is that this isn’t going to be a realistic story of the Old West.The clothing the characters wear is very stereotypical.What the characters say is very stereotypical.You feel as if you are in a pre-Clint Eastwood western movie.And then things take a turn.

Amelia, who wears a stars-and-stripes headband for some reason, smashes something into a cowboy’s face which looked as if it caved his face in.Yet in the next panel, he’s fine.During Amelia’s fight with the cowboys who were bothering Iyana, she jumps on a cowboy’s shoulder’s and straddles him.I’m not a prude, but this seems a bit much: “I like to be on top…Deal with it!”I’m not even going to mention the Halloween theme song bit here.

After the fight, the reader may begin to think that this is manga, with Amelia’s reaction to Iyana’s gold and the question marks around Iyana’s head soon after.If so, it might explain a few things.

We are introduced to Roscoe on his horse,as he is dragging a guy behind him.Again, very stereotypical.Iyana and Amelia have found Roscoe and devise a plan to get close to him.Amelia pretends to have captured Iyana and gives her to Roscoe.Roscoe then says Amelia must prove herself to join his gain.Roscoe then gives Amelia a human head to be delivered.

You’ll have to excuse me.Mikey usually writes most of these things.I know I may have said too much about the plot of the story.You don’t really need to get the first issue now.But I believe that readers who really like this sort of thing (I’m going to assume it’s manga, or at least strongly influenced by it) will get it, and people who don’t, won’t.

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