Saga #1


Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples
Published by Image Comics

Brian K. Vaughan’s sci-fi adventure Saga is one of the few comics out there that successfully manages to create a world in which layers upon layers of stories could be told on the foundation it has laid. This ongoing series mixes quirky humor with the constant internal and external danger that Vaughan’s characters face in the world Cleave. The comic does a great job in changing its tone when needed. When the quirky humor is in play but when a serious but soft-gentle tone is needed, it is greatly felt. The dialogue alone feels like a panel itself, allowing the reader to isolate himself or herself from the background noise before considering the panel as a whole. This sci-fi adventure could be read as just another action-comic or it could be recognized as something much deeper.


There is war between the Wreath and the Landfalls. Wreath have human bodies and faces with goat-like horns and long, thin tails. These powerful magic wielders’ home is Landfall’s moon. Landfalls look like humans equipped with advanced technology and angel-shaped wings that help them rule Landfall. Because the higher-ups don’t want ongoing warfare on their soil they make war on planet Cleave. Together the Robot Kingdom and the Landfall capital hunt down new mother Alana, Marko the Wreath, and their newborn half-breed Hazel for betraying their species.

The double-sized first issue begins with the birth of their daughter Hazel while being hunted down by the “Robot kingdom”, the “Landfall capital” and the “Wreaths”. The comic is narrated by Hazel who reminisces about her dangerous childhood. They are betrayed by their monkey-friend who’s actually a monkey that gives them up to the “Landfall and the “Robots” when suddenly a third faction appears. The “Wreaths” who are also in the pursuit of our protagonist battle against the other factions to the death which allows our characters to escape unharmed.


Meanwhile in Wreath, the faction has hired outside freelancers to take out Marko and Alana, and kidnap Hazel for their own secret purposes. Vez, who appears to be the leader of the Wreath, tests a freelancer by the name of The Will by sending an enormous fire-breathing beast to take him out, but the freelancer manages to slay it without breaking a sweat.  The Will is quick-witted and highly intelligent, and he’s accompanied by a lying cat who knows when someone speaks a lie.  With everyone after Hazel’s family, the plot thickens!


Alvin Farciert
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