Remember Me


Remember Me (2013)
Publisher: Capcom
Console: Xbox 360
Rated: M

*Mutter*… *grumble*… *gripe*… Deadpool… Oh, sorry. Just talking to myself. Let’s get right down to it, shall we? It might take my mind off of Deadpool. I mean, isn’t that guy popular enough? Does he have to hijack my column? Anyway, Remember Me brings up an interesting question: What if you could share your memories?

In a Paris of the future, a new brain implant called ‘Sensen’ has swept the population allowing people to share their memories online. But, of course, at the root of this tech is a mega-corporation called ‘Memorize’, whose control over people’s minds have allowed them to create a state of extreme surveillance.

You play as Nilin, a former ‘memory hunter’ who, after having her memory-wiped is recruited by a rebel group trying to bring Memorize down. It’s a little bit Total Recall, a little bit Minority Report, but there are some good sci-fi concepts here that just had me on board with the story straight off the bat.

Remember Me is a speculative and stunning vision of our future where augmented reality and memory digitization have taken control of peoples’ lives. You become the most wanted memory hunter in Paris and experience the power to break into peoples’ minds to steal their memories. Gain the information you need directly from people’s heads to complete your missions and recover your own memory.

An innovative new gameplay mechanic called Memory Remix allows players to use Nilin’s powers and alter parts of people’s memories in real-time gameplay. This will change characters’ complete perspective on their self-image and the people around them, which can have grave consequences for the world in the future.

Remember Me is a balanced mix of combat and exploration. You fight your way through different environments Paris has to offer, using Nilin’s proficiency in martial arts, as both hunter and prey. You also have a Combo Lab which allows you to fully customize the combos Nilin uses during the game. Players can adjust combos on the fly to suit every situation.

(*Dressed up like Rambo*) To sum up: Remember Me is a beautiful game you really should seek out and buy. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have an insane killer to hunt.

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