Trees #1


Written by Warren Ellis

Art by Jason Howard

Though the Trees’s first issue lacked emotion, and some serious character-introduction that is key in all comics. It interestingly still caught by interest. It’s the mystery behind the tree-invading aliens, and their silence for over ten years. Mysteriously standing dormant as humans continue to live their lives as they contemplate the reasons for the “Trees”-just being. From the start of the comic, Howard’s captivating artwork establishes the scale of the “Trees” by showing us there enormousness along with the very well-known  statue of ”Christ the Redeemer” located in the infamous Rio in Brazil.  The “Trees” stand taller than the eyes can see.


The “Trees” pour thick lava-like green fluid if any beings infiltrate a certain perimeter. The perimeter seems to be protected by that countries authorities, who ruthless hunt down anyone who crosses. –Meanwhile in New York, we are introduced to the most-likely protagonist Vince who is running for mayor. Vowing to change things as he was one of the few, who was first-at-site in lower-Manhattan when the “Trees” landed. Vince is haunted by the violent-actions of the police-force who killed people for crossing the waterline into Mid-town.

comics-trees-3In the city of Shu which is now boxed in by huge walls. We are introduced to Mr.Tian, an art-student with high hopes of capturing the cultural scenes of Shu. Tian had previously occupied a remote village which he’d out-grown, and left to paint others things than just leaves and lakes. Again mysteriously we’re left with two vague characters in “Blind hail Station” which is? You guessed it! Snowing! In the middle of nowhere these characters appear to be scientists in orange jump-suits, and are strapped! We’re left wondering who they are and what they’re doing. Aren’t you curious? Trees issue#2 releases June 25.




Alvin Farciert
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