Nail Biter #1

Nailbiter-Promo-with-logo_webWritten by Williamson Henderson

Art by Guzowski Hill Levin

Nailbiter written by Williamson Henderson delivers us another chilling tale about serial killers. Set in small town Buckaroo, Oregon where the world’s best or worst serial killers depending on how you fancy, originated from. The comic opens with excruciating vivid panels of one of Buckaroo’s deadliest killers Edward Charles Warren who is also known as “Nailbiter”, being interrupted by the police, while still using his bone breaking teeth to chew off some supper from his latest victim! Edward Charles Warren is notorious for kidnaping men and woman who have the habit of chewing their nails off. He holds them captive long enough for their nails to grow back, and chews their fingers to the bloody bone!


Three years later, FBI profiler Elliot Carroll using his keen gut-instincts that had helped him nail, Nailbiter only to shortly have him released for technicalities calls up his friend, who is an intelligence officer(Nicholas Finch) about having solved the mystery behind 16 serial killers being born in Buckaroo, Oregon.  Nicholas Finch shows up days later to find his dear friend Carroll missing!

There Finch encounters a not-so-likeable man who owns a serial killer souvenir shop that sells merchandise from Buckaroo’s infamous deadly-citizens. The “Book Burner” who’s inability to read or write made him open to mockery, and which fueled his fiery passion for burning down libraries with readers still inside. He was also known as the first of the “Buckaroo Butchers”. The first issue ends with Finch teaming up with a local officer from Buckaroo to find Carroll, and their first stop is Edward’s kitchen.

Nailbiter’s cover is both brilliant and sick! Captures interests and makes face’s squeal and I don’t want to turn away. If you’re not a comic-fan you’ll want hop on this one, this may be another comic turned TV. “Nailbiter Issue #2” may be hinting at the “Book Burner’s” return as it spotlights Finch in a haze of fire. With 14 other serial killers still yet to be introduced Henderson has created a frightening yet thrilling ride with many possibilities, and twists and turns to come.




Alvin Farciert
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