The Leftovers, “Pilot”


Co-creator, Damon Lindelof, of the popular hit-series Lost, and author Tom Perrotta mash-up in a new tragic HBO drama. The Leftovers based on Perrotta’s novel sets on the third-anniversary of the event, which 140 million people upped and vanished without a trace. The show prompts a question, which is all too familiar to the fans of Lindelof, the “Man of Faith”, or the “Man of Science”. Unfortunately, for those in the small town of Mapleton, the unexpected event that occurred on October 14, can neither be explain by that of science or religion. Scientists have not a clue what occurred that October evening, and there’s a very fragile line about the goodness of those who departed.

The Leftovers - Where Did They Go

The Mapleton police chief, Kevin Garvey struggles with the abandonment issues. His wife willingly departed, unlike the others. She left her family to join a cult that goes by the name of “Guilty Remnants” who never speak, and tread throughout the town watching the people of Mapleton (It appears members of the group are assigned individuals to look after for).  His teenage daughter, Jill who walks a path of anger but in reality is struggling to keep herself up by the emotional damage she’s been dealt by the abandonment of her mother, and a father who’s rarely there.

While we have characters that were not affected by the event, we have others that lost one, or even an entire family. Violence breaks out in Mapleton when Nora is interrupted by the cult, “Guilty Remnants” while giving a speech about all that had departed, including her own which she had all lost that day.  While the show has great potential, it wasn’t the best pilot I have seen, or that it could have been. While Jill’s character may be a necessary one in the long run, there were many moments that seemed uncreative, and maybe didn’t even hit-the-spot for the message they were trying to get across. The scenes seemed like another case of “Showing some skin” for the heck of it!




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