Southern Bastards #1

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Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Jason Latour

Jason Aaron’s newest comic book-series Southern Bastards is unlike anything on the shelves right now. Its protagonist is unique, its setting is much different, and its panels are explosively informative about the life in the South. Old-man Earl Tubbs returns to his old-home in Alabama to pack his uncle’s belongings after a considerably long time away from home (The exact amount of time is unknown).


Earl runs into trouble when he bumps into his old-aquantince Dusty, who by the looks of it is an alcoholic with more than just one addiction. Plagued by questions, Earl’s mind is still infested by the memories of his old-pops, Sherriff Tubbs, who was brutally murdered along with peace that came with him. The streets are full with literally pissing “Rebels” and characters who look like they came out of a junkie catalog. Earl is a character of few words, and his mysteriously personality and posture hint that there’s more than meets the eye. Aaron reveals only what the readers need to know, but only the bare minimum! When Dusty gets into trouble with a gang that goes by the name of “Rebels”; Dusty’s plead for help wakes something in Earl that has long been dormant and picking at old wounds. (Maybe it was the inability to save his father so long ago).Aarons and Latours constant side-by-play really grips the audience by the hand and takes them down a roller-coaster of emotions and action.  The story- over all does a great job in displaying just how different Craw Country has changed since Sheriif Tubb’s death.


Only one-issue deep into Aaron’s story, yet the characters immerge themselves so well in Latour’s art it’s hard to believe the characters and story aren’t real! If you’re looking for your next gripping series, I’d definitely say you’ve found it!


Alvin Farciert
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