Looks Like Someone Has a Case of the Thursdays…


But Jeremy, it’s Thursday not Monday !

Well, I am writing this on Wednesday, but it will publish on Thursday, so that heading is not exactly wrong. I have moved from Monday to Thursday and it feels so right. The only problem is that my schedule has been thrown off by other things so I haven’t had time to focus on any one movie really, so this week I am instead going to do a few quick little blurbs about some stuff I have watched recently. Here it goes, in no particular order.



Ip Man

Ip Man tells the story of the man who trained Bruce Lee, or to be more exact, it tells the story of Ip Man’s life during the Japanese occupation of China throughout the 1930’s. The historical accuracy of the film has been questioned but if you are in the mood for a cool martial arts movie then I highly recommend this one. Donnie Yen is awesome as Ip Man and the Wing Chun style is incredibly cool to watch. There have been several sequels to this one that I have yet to watch (the second being the only one in which Donnie Yen reprises the role) and Wong Kar-wai has made his own version of the Ip Man story called The Grandmaster. I intend to check all of them out when I can.



Veronica Mars

The girlfriend is a big Veronica Mars fan (and I like what I have seen of the show) and we just recently watched the movie. This one had a good/bad reputation before it was even released due to the fact that it was crowd funded on Kickstarter. I for one see that as a good thing so it in no way hindered my enjoyment of the movie. The movie brings back most of the primary characters from the show (it is co-written and directed by creator Rob Thomas) and Kristen Bell as Veronica is as spunky/sarcastic as always. There is also a cameo that caught me off guard. Pretty cool. If you like the show then definitely check it out and if you’ve never seen the show you can still enjoy it as a stand-alone movie just as well.



Marked For Death

I very well might do a Steven Seagal career retrospective at some point, but for now Marked For Death is fresh on my mind. While not as good as Out For Justice, and not as crazy as Hard To Kill, Marked For Death still finds Seagal in top form. He’s fighting drug dealing Jamaicans led by a guy named Screwface so you know it’s worth your time. And Keith David is in it playing an ass-kicking football coach. Need I say more?



Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Yeah, I know I wrote a whole article on it last week but I watched it again this past weekend and it was just as good the second time around. So seriously, go see it already. Don’t make me bring it up next week as well! Get on it!



Shameless Plug

Since I’m going all whilly-nilly this week, I’m going to stick in a couple of plugs. First of all, I’m going to plug the site that you are currently on. If you’re reading my articles then take the time to check out what the rest of Black Ship Books has to offer. We write the things we do because of our love for comics, movies, etc. So take a look around and spread the word!

I also want to give a shout out to my friends over at the Mass Listeria podcast. Tim and Daniel are cut from a common cloth so if you dig my stuff you’ll definitely dig them! They have 13 episodes up as of now and you need to give them a listen. You can find them at www.masslisteriapodcast.com

Quick and to the pointless! Next week will return to the normal format but I hope you have enjoyed this mini-dose of movie goodness. Hopefully it’s at least been a better experience than Harvey Keitel had in Bad Lieutenant. Until next time…



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2 Comments on Looks Like Someone Has a Case of the Thursdays…

  1. Evan Henry // July 24, 2014 at 4:15 pm // Reply

    I saw Ip Man a few years ago! Really good stuff, and I’ve been meaning to check out the sequel (which got even better reviews than the first).

    • Jeremy Bishop Jeremy Bishop // July 24, 2014 at 5:57 pm // Reply

      I have Ip Man 2 and have gotten to watch about fifteen minutes of it. I am really hoping that I get to finish it this weekend. If I do I will let you know what I think. Donnie Yen is incredibly fast.

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