Rectify #1


Rectify is groundbreaking, quietly trotting and making its mark as one of best shows ever written! Recently released from prison after 19 years for the rape and murder of his girlfriend, Daniel Holden returns home after DNA evidence stirs up controversy in the courts mind. Rectify is both brilliant and mesmerizing, you can’t help but not look away as Holden struggles with the challenges at home and of the town or is it how he takes the little things in life and amplifies its beauty.

Ray McKinnon takes an unusual approach. The story does not revolve around proving the innocence of Holden, yet it leaves questions untouched. Where Holden for all we know it, can be responsible! It’s not a story of vengeance but one of a man troubled to comprehend the meaning of time, and that spiritual manifestation is no longer necessary to survive in the world out there, beyond the wall. Rectify takes small moments and makes them magnificent! Holden sees everything as new and takes them for what WE miss them to be. He loves rain on hot summer days!


Local politics have left Daniel with a much damaged reputation. The show makes it very cut-clear that the case was not shut. With many town citizens still believing Holden was responsible, the family must deal with the hostile back-lash. While imprisoned at only 17 years old, Holden’s mother had eventually gotten remarried and inherited a step-son, Ted. Ted along with his father inherited the Holden’s Car shop which has been successfully running for the past 20 years. With Holden’s release, Teds raising questions wither Holden’s appearance at the shop would be a good idea for the family business.


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