Gang Related


Written by Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan’s new cop-television series Gang Related has its ups and downs, while it doesn’t hold the best ratings, it delivers an interesting tale, than that of other cop shows. With such a familiar faces, like Terry O’Quinn better known for playing John Locke in Lost, Sung Kang in three Fast and the Furious movies, Robert Fitzgerald Diggs for his musical talent and Ramón Rodríguez better known for his recurring role in The Wire, it’s difficult not to take a look.

Ramon Rodriquez plays Ryan Lopez, a child who lost both his parents, one at the age of six, and the other at the age of ten. Lopez nicknamed the orphan befriended Daniel Acosta; son of the leader of one of the biggest and most dangerous gangs in Los Angeles, they’re known as “Los Angelicos”. Leader Javier Acosta raised little Ryan as if he was his own and so Ryan pledged his loyalty to La Familia” (The Family). Ryan eventually became a detective where he climbed-up-the-ladder to Los Angeles’ elite Gang Task Force, where he played both sides of the law.


While out for drinks, Ryan’s partner is shot and killed by one of the members of “La Familia” and he is stuck-between doing the right thing and protecting his family. So far in season 1, Ryan has been forced to do things for the family that he never thought he’d have to do, and as more time passes he feels more and more like a real cop.

BUT! This is more than just about Ryan. Tae Kim too (Sun Kang) has his past, former right-hand man to one the most dangerous gangs in Korea till he vanished and made a new name for himself, but not before cutting the serpents head. Sam chapel, leader of the task force is no stranger to bending the law for ruthless killers. Veronica known as “Vee” whose mission is to acquit her older brother for a crime he did not commit, but confessed to because he was ordered by the Russian “Brotherhood”. Morgan’s not a fan of filler-episodes and each episode gets us closer and tosses us in the realm of good television! Morgan’s not afraid of chopping heads if he has to, he gets to the point and doesn’t drag things like many other television shows. This is more than just another cop show!






Alvin Farciert
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