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Xenia Pamfil is an artist/creator who is working on a forthcoming book for Action Lab in which she works in twelve different styles. You can find her online at


BSB– You’re working on a project for Action Lab where you are using twelve different cartooning styles. What styles are these and did you have experience in all of them prior to this project? What made you want to take on a project with so many variances?

Xenia Pamfil-This book is my personal project and it makes me very happy that Action Lab Entertainment offered to publish it as one of its own. The book is an experiment that I decided on doing some time ago, to exercise and improve my skills in storytelling and mastering different styles. At first, the idea of different styles seemed a little crazy, but people that believed in my dream encouraged me and I thank them so much for that.


BSB-Who are some of your cartooning influences?

Xenia-I browse the net every day to see what artists are doing, what styles are they approaching, what new stories are there to read. So I can’t really say that I had particular influences. I enjoy the French comic style very much and I think it had a big influence on my work, but I like a lot of different artists as Mike Mignola, Pénélope Bagieu, Brian Lee O’Malley, Jean Giraud (he also uses different styles in his work) and I just love Adventure Time TV series, they make my day easier :))


BSB-What is your artistic background? Has cartooning always been an interest?

Xenia-Since I was a little girl I was drawing stories on every single piece of paper I could find around the house, and I always loved to tell stories through my drawings. So you could say I’ve been doing this for a long time. I also have art education; I went to art High School and University, but there, teachers were trying to keep me away from doing commercial art and guided me instead toward a traditional approach. I always loved cartoons and comics so I’ve never gave up on drawing them in my free time or whenever I could find time for it. I’ve grown up with French comics such as “Pif et Hercules” which fascinated me through my entire childhood.


BSB-Are there any other projects that you are currently working on?

Xenia-I’m working, on my other project, a web comic named “Papoi”. My plan is to self-publish a little brochure with all the strips I’ve done till now, by next year. You can find more about Papoi on my personal blog:


BSB-If people were to know only one thing about your work, what would you want that to be?

Xenia-That I’m the crazy artist that made a book with 12 different styles? :)) I’m joking! I don’t know. I consider this book to be the beginning for me; I don’t want to stop here. I want to do more comics, I love doing them and I can’t imagine life without it. For me this is magic 🙂


Black Ship Books would like to thank Xenia Pamfil for her time and we look forward to great things from her in the future. All of the artwork on this page is courtesy of Xenia.

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