TJ Comics Launches ARGONAUTS Kickstarter

An Unconventional Superhero/Science Fiction/Fantasy Adventure

bodyA malevolent alien race threatens to invade the Earth. Humanity’s only hope lies with eight heroes collected together from across time. These eight heroes have the power to repel the alien force. Too bad for Earth, then, that none of them understands each other.

The Argonauts—Volume 1 collects the first six issues of TJ Comics’ Argonauts comic book series into a trade paperback format that is being funded via kickstarter (

Co-created by writer Keith Dallas (editor of TwoMorrows Publishing’s Harvey Award-nominated American Comic Book Chronicles series) and artist Robert Saunders (ARComics: The Frontiers), The Argonauts blends the superhero, science fiction and fantasy genres into an exciting narrative full of explosive action, compelling character interaction, and an insightful “Tower of Babel” theme that contextualizes the communication problems of the modern world: how can cultural and lingual differences be overcome to achieve a goal for the greater good?

“This is Avengers meets Lost,” said Keith Dallas. “It’s about a group of super-powered characters who find themselves mysteriously brought together, and over the course of the first six issues, we learn about their individual pasts and how there’s more to these characters than at first revealed. The miscommunication that prevails amongst the characters both drives the action forward and presents a quandary that seemingly can’t be overcome.”

The comic book series has earned praise from comic book critics across the internet:

“I’m really liking this series. It has a great indie superhero vibe going on, and the story is fun and easy to follow.” –

“The makers of this book know comics and know how to make fun comics…. This book is worth a look.” – Ain’t It Cool News

The Argonauts’ Kickstarter campaign will end in one week. Visit for your chance to secure a copy of the trade paperback, choose some cool rewards (like pages of original art) and ensure that future volumes of The Argonauts will be produced!

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Lee Lightfoot (President & Publisher) is an artist from East Yorkshire, UK, working predominantly in narrative art. He studied a BA in Fine Art before a three-year part-time MA in Popular Culture, the last two years a specialism in cinema, and a dissertation on body horror cinema. In 2011 he founded Black Ship Books to pursue his interest in narrative. Lee has also worked on concept art for small film production companies, and has provided art for numerous sketch card series, including Cryptozoic’s The Walking Dead series and Upper Deck’s Marvel Premier cards.

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