Week Two: “Letters” – The Stories


IMAGE: Karin Porley von Bergen (License: CC BY-SA 2.0)

We have another pair of flash tales this week!

First, Rose joins us again with her aptly titled story A Letter.

Second, I (*dramatic gasp*) contribute Parthian Shot, an idea that has been bouncing around my head for a while. It’s rough, unedited, and not very good, but it is a letter of sorts. If the question “isn’t that cheating?” is on the tip of your tongue, I should probably let you know that the answer is “yes!”

Finally, it’s a late entry, but Crognus at the Digital Webbing Forums gives us one heck of a pink slip.

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Evan Henry is a graduate student in English at the University of Virginia, where he works on the legacy of eugenics and scientific racism in American pop culture. As Head of Publishing for Black Ship Books he seeks to further social analysis of popular culture and develop new and unique voices in both creative and critical writing. His credits include Broken Frontier, the Virginia Literary Review, and numerous small publishers of fantasy and science fiction. His short story collection The Great City will be released this summer.
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6 Comments on Week Two: “Letters” – The Stories

  1. This is probably a really stupid question, Evan, but where’s your story?

    • Clicky on “Parthian Shot” – You should see a hyperlink on mouseover. Let me know if you don’t! 🙂

    • Very nice to see Emmaline again, and to get more of her backstory! I do hope you go through with your NaNo book–I’d love to read it! Thanks for taking part again, Rose! 🙂

  2. Yay, my story made it! Oh, by the way, I really think something needs to be done about the links not being a different color. Like Rose, I was highly confused until I read the comments. Most people aren’t going to hover their mouse over all the text to see if it’s a link.

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