Roche Limit #1


Image Comics #1’s have become some of my most anticipated comics purchases. With few exceptions, the quality and style of these new books rival any books currently on the market. Roche Limit is not one of the exceptions. Michael Moreci and Vic Malhotra have put together a truly impressive first issue with plenty to love and even more potential.

Roche Limit takes place in a sophisticated sci-fi world that never feels overly complicated. The Roche Limit Colony is the product of an idealistic billionaire who wanted to reignite humanity’ fascination with the stars. It was intended to be an outpost from which future voyages could be launched. Unfortunately, it has become a lawless planet run by criminals. The story follows Sonya Torin, a cop who spent her entire life’s savings to come to Roche Limit and find her missing sister. She immediately stirs up trouble with a criminal named Mr. Moscow. Before she can be taken to see him, however, Alex Ford steps in. Ford created the most popular drug on the planet and is thus always on the run from the gangs of Roche Limit. He also has no qualms about murdering thugs in inventive ways. Together, the two agree to find Sonya’s sister. It’s a bigger job than either of them realizes.RL1

Moreci is a great writer. Alex Ford is an awesome character in his own right and he is complemented not only by Sonya, but the world around him. The scenes featuring him are an absolute joy to read. The world comes to life without Moreci ever dumping exposition on the reader. The book is not only a great example of science fiction, it’s fun. It’s a book about serious consequences, but it’s also a book where a suave criminal can hand off a note that says ‘boom’ before blowing up a gang of pursuers.

RL!Vic Malhotra draws every panel, ranging from sweeping universes to close-ups of hands, with great skill and attention to detail. His character designs are fantastic and each character feels unique, regardless of how much they’re shown in the book. I thought his page layouts were very well done and kept the story going at a nice pace. The coloring work by Jordan Boyd is top-notch and draws you in from the opening splash page.

Supplementing the story, there is a news article included in the book detailing the life of Langford Skaargred. This was the man who invested billions in sending humanity to the stars and is responsible for the creation of the Roche Limit Colony. I like the use of the article to give readers background on the world rather than slowing down the story with the information. It’s a well written piece and should not be skipped over.

Roche Limit #1 is a must-read book. The creative team behind the book have something special here, and it’s only just begun. I’m excited to see what’s next.

Agustin Guerrero
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