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In a week chock full of premieres, I had to bring a review for the return of an oldie, but goodie on The CW—Supernatural. The Winchesters returned for their tenth season on Tuesday night with a whole new twist on the duo’s story, as we see elder brother, Dean, on the brink of demonhood and bonding with the reinstated King of Hell, Crowley, while Sam is on the hunt to find his brother by any means necessary. Meanwhile, a very human Castiel assists an angelic friend with locating and returning rogue angels to heaven as the heavenly hosts try to rebuild and restore order upstairs. And apparently there is also new human player this season (possibly a hunter, but obviously ex-military) who has a score to settle with Dean and who impedes Sam’s search, taking him hostage to lure his apathetic big brother into a trap.

I’ve been a fan of the series since the first episode, and besides the ever-expanding lore and creatures of the week, the character development is what really keeps the show going for me. We’ve seen Sam take many turns from mild-mannered-school-boy-returned-good-guy-hunter to demon blood junkie to Lucifer’s container to soulless killer to holy trial runner to angelic vessel, but Dean has always been the bad boy who works for the greater good while trying to keep his brother at his side and in line. Now it’s Dean’s turn to undergo some more drastic changes. With the effects of the First Blade taking hold of Dean since his “death” at the hands of Metatron at the end of last season, we see a darker, more lustful and wrathful Dean Winchester than the previous seasons. I’m really looking forward to the dynamic between the brothers this season though, as Sam attempts to rescue his brother and Dean seems all too content with his new freedom and power.

In season 9, the major antagonists were the mad angel Metatron, who cast all of the other angels out of heaven and mainly harassed Castiel, and Abaddon, the demon knight who usurped Crowley’s throne, starting a new civil war among demons. After Dean slayed Abaddon and Metatron was imprisoned by the surviving angels, I would say that those conflicts were closed pretty nicely. With the big coups in heaven and hell resolved, the writers seem to be handling things pretty well with developing the story in the aftermath.

While Supernatural was supposed to have been brought to a close at the end of its fifth season, diehard fans would not leave it to rest so soon and The CW television network could not ignore the ratings for the show, so it was an easy choice to renew it. There have been some weak points in the story with the last four seasons, possibly due to Eric Kripke stepping down as primary show runner, but the continuity is good so far, so I won’t complain. The introduction of some new characters who may be able to maintain and develop for a few seasons and new roles for the main characters will make for some interesting stories down the line though. I could definitely see Sam teaming up with his captor while “Demon Dean” becomes the primary antagonist for this season, struggling with other hunters, rogue angels, demons, new monsters, and his own brother.

Supernatural will be showing Tuesday nights on The CW after DC’s The Flash, and for anyone who needs to get caught up, TNT has been dedicated to showing several reruns from past seasons daily.

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