Flash Tales, Week Six: “Twist Beginning”

Oedipus, an early victim of the plot twist.

Oedipus, an early victim of the plot twist.

PROMPT: You’re probably familiar with the concept of a twist ending, where we learn that the villain was really the hero’s “dead” brother, that it was none other than our main character herself who embezzled the money, or where Burgess Meredith, alone with his beloved books at last, breaks the glasses that enable him to read. This week, I want us to take the concept of a twist ending and reverse it. I’m not sure what a twist beginning might look like, but I think we’ll all enjoy seeing what we can come up with.


LENGTH: < 1,300 words

DEADLINE: Thursday, October 23, 11:59 p.m.

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    • I couldn’t see where to leave a comment on your Blog, Rose, so I’ll leave it here. Great piece! Sad and happy at the same time… You know, I remember those train doors with handles because my parents used to bring me with them to Europe when I was small (family visits), and we took the trains everywhere. Absolutely terrifying to go from one car to the other – the noise was incredible and those doors slammed shut like they were going to eat you… lol!

    • Well, you know I can’t resist a story with a main character named Amy! Ordinary and plain in a really great way. I’m not sure exactly what happened at the end, but maybe Amy wasn’t either. Lovely story, Rose!

  1. I’ll be reading yours, Rose, so hopefully I can understand what I was supposed to do! Here is my story, though it doesn’t fit the prompt: http://scififangirl.rabidhorse.com/mirror-mirror/

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