Planet Gigantic #1


Planet Gigantic #1 has one of the best opening pages I’ve read recently. The writing by Eric Grissom draws you in immediately and when it’s combined with David Halvorson’s stylish, frantic art it makes for a powerful first page. While the rest of the issue never quite attains these heights, the remainder of the issue is solid and fun to read. Publisher Action Lab has another great all-ages comic on their hands.

USE2Planet Gigantic is the story of two genetically modified children, Yuri and Valentina, who have crash-landed on the planet of Woodmere. The two were traveling with their ‘mother’, a robotic companion, but only her memory banks are salvageable from the crash. The two kids have some special powers, though the full extent of these powers hasn’t been revealed. Valentina is able to manipulate gravity and Yuri can shoot powerful energy beams from his hands. The two children come across a small army fighting a giant rock monster and rush to help. It’s only after they triumph that the true antagonist, Queen Neva of the seven realms, makes her appearance.

Grissom does a good job of balancing the introduction of these characters and building this new world of Woodmere. Yuri and Valentina already feel like developed characters and Grissom effectively portrays the brother/sister relationship in the book. That relationship could easily depend on tired cliches, but I think it’s brought to life with unique details. I did have one small issue with the pacing of the issue.  The book moves forward at a consistently fast pace, even after the crash. This doesn’t detract from the book much, but I would have prefered to slow down and process some of what happens in the beginning. I hope this is explored in future issues.

The art of Planet Gigantic shines as one of the book’s greatest strengths. Halvorson is coloring as well as drawing the book and everything blends together beautifully. His character designs capture the utopian science fiction of generations past while placing them in a world that feels medieval. I admire the stylish character designs and the way he portrays action sequences makes them feel frantic  and exciting. Sometimes it feels almost overwhelming, but it always comes together nicely.


There’s also a backup story in the issue provides supplemental information on the seven realms of the planet. This story focuses on The Seekers, servants of the sky realm. These soldiers are unmatched when it comes to retrieving impossible objects. It’s a decent standalone story, but I didn’t feel like it really added much to the work.

Planet Gigantic #1 is a good introduction that readers of any age can enjoy. The book opens on an incredibly high note and the art continually impresses throughout the issue. It’s a fun story, one I recommend checking out. Planet Gigantic #1 is now available on comixology, with a print version coming to comic shops soon.

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