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Following Halloween, Black Ship Books gets to turn its evil eye upon Martin Malin, the creator of CE Publishing’s horror anthology series Fritesite.  Martin is an avid bicyclist from West Islip, Long Island, NY and a regular collaborator with CE Publishing comic genius, Mike Rickaby.


Black Ship Books: What attracted you to horror and why does it appeal to others?

Martin Malin: Guess I really don’t know! As akid I loved “Twilight zone” and “Thriller” on tv (now you know why I dodged the age question) and I’ve alaways been a compulsive reader of that sort of thing. As for others: I suspect it’s a cycle thing: today vampires tomorrow zombies. And I think all the computerized special effects lend themselves to this genre

 BSB: Is Horror the only genre you illustrate?

MM: No, actually I now read and also do work in science fiction which I find somehow more compelling and relevent these days.

BSB: Of all the stories in fritesite which is your favorite?

MM: The next one that I just completed “The All-Niter” It had personal meaning and I think fans will enjoy it too.

BSB: What is your biggest fear?

MM: As a creator running dry…as a human being…death…and running dry.

BSBApoc-Eclypse0006: Is there any subject you wouldn’t touch in the horror genre?

MM: Not as a matter of taste but I try to avoid subjects that I feel, at a given moment are being overexploited (think ZOMBI)

 BSB: What are the 3 most iconic horror figures outside of Dracula, wolfman and Frankenstein?

MM: Any 3 of the spooky characters in the original “Carnival of Souls” a movie that scared the bejesus out of me

 BSB: Do you recreate stories you’ve seen in movies or books or draw inspiration from elsewhere?

MM:  Hmm wouldn’t that be plagarism? Well, honestly, i may get an idea for a general subject ,i.e. time travel, the undead etc from a movie or book but mostly it’s about an incident that I may have witnessed or imagined and a lot of “what if?”

 BSB: What’s the best way to promote a horror anthology?

 MM: Hell I’ was hoping YOU could tell ME! I did take out an ad in nComics Buyers Guide online classifieds and continue to hunt for other advertising venues.

 BSB: How many more volumes of Fritesite can we look forward to?

 MM: Well that question about my greatest fear kicks in here…I’ll keep at it until I run dry….or I die….whichever comes first!

BSB: How would you characterize your horror stories?FriteSite-Cover3

MM: I don’t think of the work I do as straight up “horror”, for example, vampires ripping over throats, zombies devouring brains, although that does pop up now and then. I prefer to think of the stuff I do as “disorienting”.  Viewing common, everyday incidents in an off kilter way…that can end up being horrifying!  An example of this is my story “Threatening” about three hardware store employees trapped in the store with a blizzard outside and a bizarre old woman inside. It sets up an eerie relationship and makes readers question the foundations of reality…and that’s really scary!

BSB: Just for fun: Edward for Twilight, Marvels blade and the Master from Strain- you have to stake one let one drink your blood to survive and let one sire you Go:

 MM: Edward to sire me (for his looks) Stake Blade before he cuts me) Let the Master drink my blood(because he’s the scariest and I’d rather be with him than against him).

Well that was unexpected!  I was sure that Edward would get the stake!  Look out for Fritesite on Smashwords and DriveThru Comics!



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  1. Lots and lots more Fritesite on the way… Martin just keeps going and going…. See it at DriveThru soon!

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