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I recently attended Stan Lee’s ComicKazi here in Los Angeles, and I had a good time. The panels were great and the people friendly. One panel that I was able to catch, and had been looking forward to, was the Constantine panel. It was a group composed of producers and writers. Although they didn’t give much information they gave us an understanding of what they hope to do with the story.

To begin with, those who have never read a Constantine comic may not understand what the big deal is. If you love comics you may have heard of a writer known as Alan Moore. This character was a creation out of his mind from his Swamp Thing writing. I know that DC has relanched it on their new 52, but I haven’t read those and so cannot say whether those are any good. The original Vertigo issues are dam good, and if you’re looking for a particular story, look into The Horrorist two issue saga. It shows the great clean, yet dark art, and the ironic humor that really makes the character worth following.

It is a good premise. A man lost inside a world or demons and angels attempting to walk a fine line between the two, and failing most of the time. In this world, right and wrong aren’t always so clear, and that’s what makes the story good. I never liked stories where everything was so clear cut. That’s why we read comics isn’t it? We want to see the development of a character. What he/she does in certain situations, and how they falter and re-compose themselves.

The show is without a doubt something to give a chance. I have watched the last two episodes and have to say that this gentlemen playing John, Matt Ryan, looks just like I would have pictured John to look. They could lay off on the over cocky attitude. I think they are playing this aspect a bit much, but overall the writers have been able to capture the essence of the character and many of the lines flow straight from the comic pages.

A quick glance at Rotten Tomato and we see that the audience have given it 80% approval rating. The critics, not so much; the plank with them!

The show’s solid and at the panel the discussion revolved around the possible characters that they are to introduce from the DC dark arts side. As Constantine’s origins comes from the Swamp Thing issue so long ago, the obvious would be whether or not they might introduced the character. Zantana was also thrown around, but this one did not excite me, and of course as we seen in the first episode they have already made reference to the Helmet of Fate, The Atoms school, and other little tid bits. A good article discussing some of it can be found in ‘Constantine’ Series Premiere: 17 Easter Eggs You May Have Missed’ an article put together by Andrew Dyce. This is article for those who would like to find things to look into to better understand the Constantine universe.

The success of the DC universe TV shows in all honesty has been that they have been creating the universe. If this show is to grow we need more of this. They need to develop the universe that is John Constantine’s. The writers and producers have already said that they will be following the old Vertigo series, so that’s a plus. We will see if they begin to make it more TV friendly and thus destroying what it should be, but if not the show should get darker than what we’ve seen thus far. But as I’ve said the show is thus far solid. So if you got time check out the next episode tonight.

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