Disposable Fiction Volume 1

Disposable-Fiction-Cover3Bringing my first comic review to Black Ship Books, I am happy to share with you all Jack Wallace’s anthology, Disposable Fiction.  This book is highly original, especially in story and dialogue, complete with 15short stories all written by Wallace and illustrated by various artists.  The stories are all unique and each one explores some aspect of the darkness and flaws of human nature.

My favorite stories in the anthology have to be “The Man Who Has Everything” and “The Con That Never Ends”.  The former is about an angry office worker whose affection for his coworker and disdain for his supervisor turn violent when he discovers an affair between the two, and the latter is about a con artist who becomes an honest businessman when his biggest con develops into a successful means for making a living.

I think that I enjoy the book as a whole because it has the type of stories that I enjoy writing myself.  Wallace really touches on how fickle, corrupt, and vain humanity can be.  Some of the stories present very realistic scenarios, while others, such as the stories “Tarot Con” and “The King of the World”, bring supernatural elements into play but still stay within the flawed human theme.  We see malevolent spirits manipulate psychics, demons who offer world peace, nymphs who utilize capitalism to defend nature, and a man who abandons heaven and his own wife basically out of boredom.  There are also stories about an America where everyone is required to marry by the age of 30, a model who loses her looks, her love, and her mind, and a mandriven into paranoia after hearing the murder of his next door neighbor.run02_1

This book is definitely one of a kind and I highly recommend it to anyone who can appreciate a good comic.  I think there is a story for everyone in this anthology and it is refreshing to get away from predictable endings and clichéd dialogue.  The diverse art styles paired with Wallace’s writing also make it an enjoyable experience.

Anyone interested in reading and purchasing Disposable Fiction for yourself can visit  http://www.disposablefictioncomics.com/index.html.

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