Planet Gigantic #2

Planet Gigantic 2

Planet Gigantic #2 opens on a much more muted note than the bombastic first page of the previous issue. A more somber issue overall, Eric Grissom and David Halvorson nonetheless deliver an interesting follow up that enhances the world they’re building.

Screenshot 2014-11-24 at 9.20.58 PMThe issue opens after the capture of the super-powered siblings Yuri and Valentina. They’re currently being transported to the city where Queen Neva is plotting her take over of the seven realms. She’s stealing powers from her subjects through the tortuous machinations of a hooded figure known as Narog. Meanwhile, the children are sent to work in the Blood Silk mines below the city to work off their prison sentence. They find an ally in a girl who claims to be one of the legendary Seekers, but the children are separated when Yuri tries to fight the guards.

This issue is all building up for the events of the next book. There’s not a lot of payoff to be found in this issue, but I didn’t mind it too much. Each storyline ends in an interesting cliffhanger that’s sure to bring readers back next month. Again, Grissom does an excellent job of characterizing the two protagonists and strengthening the brother/sister relationship. With the children being so powerful and independent, it can be easy to forget how young they are. I think the writing really shines in the moments that remind us these characters are young and overwhelmed.

Screenshot 2014-11-24 at 9.23.02 PMI still find Halvorson’s art to be the highest point of the book. His panels are stylish, all of the work blended together so well that it’s almost like watching a cartoon. I love the sense of motion conveyed. The character designs look simple, but they express plenty of important detail and don’t feel limiting in any way.

I did find a small issue with continuity in the book where what’s happening isn’t exactly clear. Yuri’s powers are suppressed by the bonds he’s wearing. The prisoners are all wearing bonds that seem to keep their hands together and in front of them. Yet, when Yuri is struck by a guard his arms fly in opposite directions and the bonds appear to be gone. When he’s thrown in his cell, the bonds are gone and his powers should be active again. I found this section to be a little confusing and it took me out of the story.

I really enjoyed the backup story in this issue as well.  It focused on a Frog Herald tasked with delivering a message to the front lines of a war between the realms. The backup stories are now making more sense about how they’re impacting the world and actually work to enhance the story. The final panel is haunting and stuck with me long after I finished the issue.

Planet Gigantic continues to be a series that readers of all ages will enjoy. The story is growing darker and moving in exciting directions. The second issue is available now on Comixology with the print edition coming soon to local comic shops.

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