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Tony James’ Reloader is one of my favorite Kickstarter campaigns.


With 2014 drawing to a close, it seems like a time to wrap up resolutions and even start setting goals for next year.  And with Black Ship Books being in high support of fellow indie creators, I wanted to highlight some crowdfunding campaigns in need of aid to reach their goals so we can see some fantastic new works online and on a comic bookshelf near you in 2015.  Everyone has their preferences, but I lurked around the Kickstarter and IndieGogo sitess and just selected a few projects that caught my eye personally.  So here we go:

  1. Levi Wright and Lindsey Wakefield’s Monsters of Fear and Wonder is a book depicting an array of original monstrous beings cut from their own imaginations, each with their own original stories and beautiful paintings and sketches. The art alone caught my eye and Wakefield’s paintings bring these awesome creatures to life.  Despite their hideous appearances, the pieces are beautiful and unique.  Monsters of Fear and Wonder is currently at two percent of their goal of $10,000 on IndieGogo.  Their campaign ends on January 28, 2015.


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The Bureau of Infernal Affairs is a new story brought by some former Marvel talents.


  1. The Bureau of Infernal Affairs, written by Brian Clevinger and Lee Black and illustrated by Erica Henderson (all of whom have apparently done some work for Marvel titles in the past) seems like a fresh take on Men in Black and I.P.D. set in Ancient China where two rookie agents are tasked with defending the world from the supernatural. The art to the book is eye-catching and has the warm cartoon-style that reminds me of something akin to a Disney movie like Mulan (yes, I know, an obvious Chinese reference).  With the experience the creative team has under their belts and what I’ve seen on their Kickstarter, I look forward to seeing them reach their goal and seeing what Infernal Affairs really has to offer.  This campaign has 29 more days to go and is currently 25 percent funded toward their goal.



  1. Octane Comics’ Emerging anthology looks promising and seems to come from the right place… plus they aren’t asking for much! This project was apparently designed with the idea of “supporting tomorrow’s talent today” and they seem to have a solid plan to do just that—mentoring programs to develop the talents of young artists who are having their work published in this anthology, planned motion comics, paid page rates to the contributors, and the opportunity for the new artists to also have their own book published.  I personally appreciate anyone who uses their own talents for the benefit of all mankind and the project itself looks like a worthwhile investment for comic fans.  Emerging has achieved 34 percent of its $6,000 goal so far and has 42 more days until the campaign closes.



  1. ThinkIPM’s interactive comic Sentinel caught my eye because it is another project paving the way for what comics are becoming. The evolution of entertainment is what every person in the business who wants to be the best should strive for and the words “Interactive comic” are enough to make me stop and look at whoever is talking.  Sentinel’s UK-based creative team has had success in the past with this series and they are seeking funding now for their next couple of issues to continue Saul Casey’s adventures defending Earth from The Destroyer.  Sentinel has attained two percent of its $70,131 goal (converted from British pounds) and has 19 more days to go.



  1. Tony James’ Reloader seems to be a highly original concept that brings a lot to the table—a story of a futuristic female gamer who becomes a virtual reality bounty hunter after an encounter with a hacker grants her new powers in the digital universe. James is promising a story that offers an original female lead with satire on the video game industry, futuristic technology,  and possible blending of multiple genres with plenty of action, so… I’m pretty much sold on this one!  The artwork looks like it works nicely with the tone of the story and I’m hoping it all comes together well in the six issues James is trying fund.  Reloader has hit 15 percent of its $3,000 goal and has 19 days to go.



Those are the top 5 comic fundraisers that I’ve found.  Black Ship Books would like to continue to highlight other projects in need of support as well, so there will be more to come!  Please support the indie comic community and good luck to all of you as you strive toward your own goals before the year’s end!  Happy Holidays!



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