The Black Ship Plank!!

walk the plank


All a board!!!

Welcome again to all those who are merely passengers on this black ship, and to the crew, get back to work!

I have been on a binge with comic books and the like and have so much to mention. Some are negative and others give hope that there are good writers somewhere in the world. Those that made the grade have been allowed to broad the ship, those that didn’t? We made them walk the plank!

On broad:

The Constantine show has continued to progress in the right direction. The episodes after my first article on it, have become darker. The cockiness toned down and the self loathing and quite reflective mood of Constantine has been given time and space to shine through and make the character whole. I have to say, they knew what they were doing from the start. It is clear that the show isn’t pulling the ratings that NBC has hoped for and so they have stopped production. They have finished 13 episodes, including the ones that have already been aired, after those episodes we will see what the NBC hench men decide to do.

The Flash has been strong, the Arrow has been strong as well (I know it gets real sop opera-ish but it has done a great job of creating the ground work for the DC universe), but the team up was a must see regardless of whether or not you have liked the shows thus far. I couldn’t have seen the team up working any better than what was shown through the screen. The discussions of the diversity of tactics gave all the viewers the chance to root for their own character and the climax was a great fight seen with experience winning over strength. The follow-up episode was even greater, with the humor of the Flash as we watched him in Arrows role, and Arrow scaring the flash with his tactics. It ends with a fight that the people are not allowed to view, but that’s great. More for the imagination.

The Liberator of old has commenced a new series in the comic book realm. It is called ‘Critical Hit’. I attained the first two issues. It made the grade. I enjoyed the first series all the way until the end. I felt that it came up short and gave a false depiction of what an animal liberationist would be in its conclusion, but this series is taking you down a much darker road now where murder and hate are a must. It is gritty and the villains are so human they are scary. The only thing that is missing is Damon. One of the characters from the last series. But as death circles the main characters of this arc I hope he makes an appearance.

On the Plank:

The next arc of Evil Ernie has begun. I have read through the first two issues, and have to say that the story is lacking and the art continues to lack. That’s a loose lose for the reader. It is more aimed at gore than story, and the little story that there is comes off as a detective story. I hope that they begin to pick it up as I just recommended it to the Black Ship. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t as good as the last story that we had read. Who ever this Lady Death knock off is supposed to be I would like to meet her already, and not have to guess what I am in stored for. This is an old story, we would like to see the Chaos universe of old rebuilt in its new prestigious manner.

Walked the Plank:

Gotham has been without a doubt, a let down. I made many apologies for the show, but as every episode revolved around Bruce it became abundantly clear that the writers were just riding off of the Batman character hoping that it was all they needed. When Gordan, in the middle of going to war with the mob stopped everything to speak to Bruce I thought, ‘Fuck this show!’. No man would be going to war with the mob and stop that to speak to a child. That’s too bad because their take on the penguin story is great, but I can’t put up with the Riddler depiction, the Alfred depiction, and the Barbra depiction. Oh well.


Well, to all the passengers, I hope you’ve enjoyed this short trip. Don’t forget to tip with a Facebook Like, or a Twitter Follow. Until the next trip we meet, were off to our next destination!

Richard Larios
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