CME’s The Gifted GN makes early debut


Graphic novel publisher Creative Mind Energy (CME) has announced that their premiere title The Gifted (Diamond Code: OCT141241) will be hitting stores almost a month early so it will be available for holiday purchases. Originally scheduled for January 7, 2015 the book will be available in the direct market December 10, 2014. It will be in book stores shortly after that. Customers looking to order Creative Mind Energy titles should contact their local retailer, or find a comic shop near them at

The first volume in an ongoing series, The Gifted, shows what life is like for animals struggling to survive in a world laid to waste by humanity’s violence, abuse and exploitation. Through the eyes of the lone wolf the reader gains a unique perspective experiencing first hand his desperation, hunger and fight for survival. Hand painted watercolors and minimal text is all that is needed to depict a strong and moving story in this graphic novel. This edition combines the first two volumes of the story that were convention sellouts. The second release from CME is called Dixie Vixens and releases in March 2015.

What others are saying about The Gifted:

“The Gifted is an exceptional work, something that both transcends the medium of comics and yet utilizes the medium to its fullest.”

“While the Wassel’s script is nearly dialogue-free, the art is complemented by large and intentionally intrusive onomatopoeic words, and the result is a book that defies comparison to anything else I’ve read in recent years.” –

“One cannot gorge on THE GIFTED. This review took me so damn long to complete from UPS drop off to publishing because I saw care and craftsmanship from all parties. I was not going to sully this hard work with a phoned in write-up.”

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