Seasonal Beatings


It feels Like a Cleanse is Necessary.

As I write this, Christmas is just winding down but the effects of it will last for a few days. That overwhelming feeling of being really full, a little worn-out, and unsure of what day of the week it is. With that in mind I am going to make the column this week a little shorter than normal to avoid adding to that bloated feeling. We’ll call this a bite-sized edition to help remind you of all the terrible snacks you’ve shoved into your face over the proceeding days. You’re welcome.

After being inundated for weeks with Christmas movies and shows, I figured that I would share a couple of things I tend to watch over the holiday season that are a little off the beaten path of normal holiday films/shows. As much as I love A Christmas Story, sometimes you just need a break. So here are a few things that will break the monotony.



Goodfellas is my favorite movie so I could really shoehorn it onto virtually any list, but it does hold a special place in my heart as a film that plays particularly well around the holidays. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I received it as a Christmas gift on Laserdisc when I was 15 (showing my age here), or maybe it’s the post Lufthansa scenes set at Christmas, but whatever it is no Christmas season seems right without a viewing of the best mob movie ever made. Now go get your f%$kin’ shine box!

Peep Show

Peep Show-Seasonal Beatings

If you’ve never watched the television show Peep Show then you are missing out. Currently all eight seasons are available on Netflix and Hulu so you need to get on it. While you’re watching be sure to pay close attention to the 5th episode of season 7. It is called Seasonal Beatings and it has some of the most uncomfortable comedy this side of Larry David. Hell, Peep Show, thanks to the stellar performances of David Mitchell and Robert Webb (along with an awesome supporting cast and great writers/directors), make Larry David seem pretty heartwarming at times. This episode truly is one of the most off-kilter Christmas stories you are likely to see, and remember; cauliflower is traditional.


The Godfather

Apparently great mob movies remind me of the holidays. Go figure. If you haven’t watched The Godfather, then why the hell are you still reading this? Go! For the rest of the world, try watching it around Christmas and see if you don’t agree. Maybe it’s the focus on family, maybe it’s the period setting, maybe it the prominence of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas in one of the scenes. Whatever it is there is just something festive about The Godfather. The Godfather II on the other hand, is a total summer movie due to all the scenes set in Miami and Havana. As for Godfather III…just skip that one altogether.


Hopefully the Heartburn won’t last Forever

I hope that maybe I’ve given you an idea or two about some alternate holiday fair. This isn’t to say that I don’t like Christmas movies, it’s more just a way for me to not get as burned out on the specials that do come on. Holiday movies and TV are a lot like Christmas songs; good in small doses but after dealing with them non-stop for weeks, they can become a little grating. The holidays are fun, alternative options for entertainment are always a good thing for me, and any excuse I can find to watch Goodfellas I’ll take. You better make that coffee to go.
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Next week I will be reviewing Bad Lieutenant: The Musical.



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