Archer Season 6 Premiere – ‘The Holdout’

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I… I’m just going to come out and say it. Pam Poovey makes my big boy parts feel funny.

If you’re not a fan of FX’s Archer you need to ask yourself why not. Go home, do some deep thinking about what kind of person you are. You like James Bond and other spy flicks? Think drinking one’s self into a Lady-Boy Hooker banging bender is your idea of a good time? Ever wondered what it was like to have sex with a  super hot cyborg? These are all valid questions, trust me, and if you answer yes to any of them then you should be watching this show.

If you can’t already tell then I’ll just come out and say it – “I am an Archer fanboy”. I collect the dvd sets. I follow the characters on Twitter. I have begged and begged my wife to let me name at least one of our damned kids Sterling or Archer or some variation thereof.  I’m also one of those DVR freaks who stockpiles episodes and watches them in huge chunks easily killing a Saturday evening that I could have spent sharing quality time with the family.

That being said, I won’t ruin the episode for those junkies like myself who haven’t seen the Season premiere episode. I will say this. Expect changes from last year’s VICE storyline but be comforted in the fact that most of those changes really aren’t changes. They just bring us full circle back to the way things were before the drugs and cartel and skinny Pam and pregnant Lana and Cherlene. One notable change, that we all can respect and obviously saw coming, is the changing of the agency’s name. I think it was a good call by the show runners and the FX Network to pull ISIS as the agency name.

Here is the short of it: The episode breaks in the season with Archer waking up from whatever drunken calamity he has wrought and Mallory is trying to rein him in. If you are familiar with season 5 you’ll know he’s probably drinking to forget his new-found responsibility of being a father. We recap a little to reiterate that the agency is merging with the CIA, we see baby Abijean and the crew’s newly remodeled office is unveiled.  Archer is given a new mission and he is sent to an island to retrieve a computer from a plane crash. While on the island he meets a Japanese soldier who doesn’t know WWII is over and, after they fight, the two become buds and teach each other valuable lessons. Sounds like that episode from Six Million Dollar Man right? Well it’s exactly like that and Archer even references that episode.

Wow, rereading that it doesn’t seem that exciting but Archer fans know there is always so much more. The jokes are there, clever as always. You’ll get your shot of pervy humor and the running bits are still going strong. If you’re reading this and you’re not a fan I’ll entice you with the following tags: Cobra Whisky, Fanged Deer and Takin’ Care of Business.

Go, do it, watch the show. I’ll leave this right here.

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