Wolf Moon #2

Wolf Moon returned last Wednesday with an issue that delivered the gruesome violence of the first issue while expanding the fascinating new take on the werewolf mythos. Cullen Bunn and Jeremy Haun lost no momentum in delivering the second installment of this Vertigo miniseries.
The issue opens on a flashback to Dillon’s time possessed by the wolf. It’s an exciting scene, but more importantly it doubles as insight into our hero’s motivation for hunting down the wolf spirit. The story switches back and forth between flashback and the present, where Dillon and his ally Mason are trying to learn more about the origins of the beast and the most effective way to kill it. Both the flashbacks and the present storyline delve deeper into this unique vision of werewolves and their origins.

I am really loving the story Bunn is crafting in this miniseries. The writing blends flashbacks and characterization to minimize exposition while still expanding the mythology at a satisfying pace. It keeps the book feeling fast and exciting, while giving readers the character insights we missed in the first issue. Dillon is far more interesting than previously shown and I hope to learn more about Mason in the coming issues.
Haun’s art is a great fit for this book. The scenes involving the wolf are savage and visceral with his aggressive linework, making the creature something awesome and horrific to behold. The violence is less prominent in this issue, but Haun makes up for the diminished quantity with gut-wrenching quality. Colorist Lee Loughrdige continues to bring it all together, contrasting the shadowy monster with vibrant blood spatters.

Wolf Moon is only a third of the way through, but so far it is one of my favorite monster stories in recent memory. Bunn and Haun have a grasp on what makes the werewolf interesting and effectively balance savage supernatural moments with the human characters’ hunt for information. If you’re a horror fan, you shouldn’t be missing this series.
Agustin Guerrero
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