A Voice in the Dark: Get Your Gun #2

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This week I got a good-sized stack of books, most of which were great, but I really want to talk about a book I have yet to mention and, no little surprise here, it’s another Image book. This week I am going to talk about A Voice in the Dark: Get Your Gun #2 of 5, written and drawn by Larime Taylor and published by Top Cow/Image.

This book is one of my favorites. I picked it up randomly during the first arc, this being the second, and instantly fell in love. It’s a dark crime story about Zoey Aarons, your average college-age girl with a compulsion to kill. She isn’t psychotic or your typical slasher sociopath or anything; she just is driven to kill. She has a cast of roommates, a friend back home named Seven and an uncle who is a detective assigned to a serial killer case in the town she relocates to for school.

This volume picks up where the last one leaves off, with Zoey dealing with the repercussions of the murder she has expertly planned and executed. She also has a new love interest in Rio, her serial killer/stalker friend and a dealer in AR-10 rifles. This issue was great and is a solid second of five issues in the story. It was interesting to also see the relationship between Zoey and Rio grows.

Overall this book is fantastic; I have loved every issue so far and will buy it until it’s no longer printed. Sadly, that could be sooner than I think or want. First of all, the book has recently changed from a monthly book to being released in arcs, with breaks between each and separate numbering for each “volume” as well. This is depressing, as it usually marks the beginning of the end for a series. Also this volume has changed the format from black-and-white to color. I much prefer the black-and-white as I feel like it helped set the tone for the story in a way that the new colors just don’t. Finally, there was a large gap between this issue and the last, mainly due to personal reasons on the part of the creator.

Which brings us to one thing that always surprises me about this book: it’s written and drawn by one person, from his wheelchair, using his mouth. It’s awesome, and the art and story are awesome every single time. Sadly there is going to be another pause in publication as Larime Taylor is going through a lot. According to a note from him in the back of the issue, he is looking after his mother and brother, who moved in with him to escape an abusive husband/father. He also is going through a crisis with, I am going to assume, his partner Sylv, who is battling ovarian cancer. I hope all is well soon and that this wonderful person can keep following their dreams by putting out an amazing book every month.

This book is a 4 out of 5, as per usual from this title. If you want to lend a hand and hear more about Larime’s troubles please visit him at http://www.gofundme.com/sylvsfund.

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