Deadpool #40

Deadpool #40

Also known as “The Magic of Gracking!” or, around my house anyway, the Coloring Book issue.

This was one of those weeks for me. I had a hard time deciding which new comic to review. I had about a dozen books in my pull box to choose from, books like Wolverines 1 & 2, Conan and Red Sonja and the sweet homecoming of Star Wars. The box was a bit full I admit.

I still haven’t caught myself up on all the Death of Wolverine and Logan Legacy stuff so Wolverines was out. I thought about Southern Bastards #6 but I figured everyone was tired of hearing about the Jasons – Aaron and Latour. Hell, they even pop up in this issue of Deadpool. And Star Wars? Another Jason Aaron home run. Here’s my review of that book: quit reading this post and pick it up immediately! I am too young to remember the original run that saved Marvel’s bacon but I loved the movies. I read the occasional Dark Horse issue but the title is home now and the material we read from here on out will be considered canon. Over a million copies sold! This book did not disappoint.

With Deadpool news everywhere I almost dismissed this issue as well but thought better of it.  After learning this week that those pr$%s, I mean writers, Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn are going to kill ‘Pool off I thought why not give them a piece of my mind.

I fricken love Deadpool. I don’t care. Growing up you could ask me which superhero I’d like to be and I might have said Superman but, as an adult, with real life problems, I’d say Deadpool. He’s a man’s man. He get’s hit in the nuts occasionally, he screws up. He talks to himself and does stupid crap. Things we all do. I can relate. So, yeah, it stings a little hearing my old buddy is finally going to bite it in another 5 issues.

Issue 40, I have to admit, does have a few things going for it. Val Staples was tasked with coloring Scott Koblish’s work and I mean really coloring it. Like box-of-Crayola’s-tongue-hanging-out-of-his-mouth-wax-smelling-“Mom, Johnny broke my red” coloring. Seriously, they paid this cat to color outside the lines… and he nailed it. Along with the activity pages, that is my favorite part of the book. Another cool feature is the cameos. I mentioned Latour and Aaron but Sarah Silverman also makes an appearance. Honestly though, those two aspects are probably the saving graces of this book for me.

This is the part where I give a basic rundown of the plot, throw in a few fun panel details and then sum up. I can’t do that here. I have no idea what is going on. I get the Roxxon bit. I get that Posehn and Duggan obviously have something to say about Fracking – Er… Gracking, and a place to vocalize that but I have to ask: Why? The issue is so far from point that it’s almost a slap in the face. “Hey everyone, we’re killing your bud in a few issues and instead of tying up some of those loose ends, here’s a nonsensical sidebar about an environmental crusade we feel is important.”

Five, Six issues ago we were cruising. My man Deadpool was living a happy life for the first time in a long time He got married to a beautiful monster lady, he was helping the fake Korean X-men, Preston’s spirit got shoved into a robot and he had even made his way into his daughter Ellie’s life. So much was going for him. Then it hit the fan. AXIS happened, and Zenpool. Wait, what? My fault, I should have kept up with my Marvel Universe. I can probably catch up in issue 39… nope everything is resolved, Dr. Doom fixed it I guess. Can I be a Deadpool fan without reading every other Marvel book out this month? They’ll pick back up in 40, right? No more easy fixes, no more brushing stuff under the table? I mean they’re going to kill the guy in issue 45, we should see something stellar in this book. Nope.

My first homecoming date was like this. Anticipation and a lot of build up on my part but not much resolution. Hand jobs don’t really count fellas. This night is gonna end, soon- hell you said it yourself, but we’re emotionally and financially invested. Give us the good stuff!

In all seriousness I am and always will be a fan. I’ve been on this ride too long to jump off now. I just hope Duggan and Posehn give the fans what they deserve in the final push of our pal Wade Wilson.

Deadpool #40 is in stores now.


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