The Gray Zone: A Kickstarter Spotlight

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Hello, Black Shippers. I hope you have been enjoying your new year. We here on the ship have decided to create a new segment that goes with one of our overall goals. We will be giving shout outs to new and creative Kickstarters that are expanding the comic tradition in a positive manner. Lets keep it positive. We’d like to emphasize that good stories are still out there.

With that said, let’s kick this off:

I have been fond of a comic strip called The Gray Zone for a while now. It comes from an artist by the name of Roger Phillips. The series has four installments (“books”(, and in truth they are all solid. The artist plans to spread the word with the funds that he obtains. He would like to put some fire behind his series.

The series is a funny take on alien life. The Gray Zone is a direct reference to the supposed species behind many alien abductions. Grays, if they exist, are by far the most seen aliens worldwide. There is a lot of information on them if you’d just surf the net. This series especially pokes fun at their intelligence. Watching as they botch abductions and deal with other human-made aliens such as Wookies and Alf’s, or dealing with everyday human events but from their point of view, it makes for a good laugh.

gray zone 1As anyone who has helped out on a Kickstarter knows, many times the artists will offer some treats for the help, and this one is no different. Please view the Kickstarter page for more info on that front, and like their Facebook page if you’d like to see the work and follow the series.

As always we ask for your participation, So please keep your ear to the sea and send us a message in a bottle when you find something that looks like it should get some love and support from the Black Ship.

Hold it down, and keep this Ship sailing!

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