Celestial: A Kickstarter Spotlight


Today I wanted to spotlight the Kickstarter campaign for Nick Gillespie’s graphic novel Celestial.  I had the honor of getting an interview with Nick and reading a digital version of his graphic novel in 2013, but now he has brought a campaign to Kickstarter to fund printing so that Celestial can be brought to a comic book store near you (or at least put into your hands by someone)!  The story is well written by Gillespie and the art is beautifully done as well with pencils and inks by Ulises Carpintero, coloring and lettering by Gonzalo Duarte and cover art by Ryan Vogler. Nick stated in our exchange that the plot of Celestial was inspired by a story arc from the long running manga/anime series One Piece, and his main character, Jean Emmanuel, was developed with influences from the film The Artist and the book The Great Gatsby.

When I asked Nick to describe Celestial for anyone who hasn’t already read it he said, “When people ask me what it’s about I always say ‘an eccentric aristocrat’ or ‘wealthy socialite’, which never seems to entice many people.  The story outline is that Jean Emmanuel is a man who seems to have everything yet is never satisfied by anything.  He has a terrible attention span and wastes much of his time and money on whatever takes his fancy, much to the annoyance of his wife, Bernice.  The only sort of stable joy he gets out of life is dueling with his social rival, Douglas Fairbanks, in the auction house, often buying things just to spite him.  But one day an item is put up for sale that Jean believes can truly give him what he’s been searching for all this time and fill that void in his life, but the only question is whether he’s ready to accept the cost of it.  In essence it’s the story of a spoiled man who has everything, but nothing as well.  Some people can have everything available to them at their fingertips but still want something that’s impossible and out of reach, they’re made greedy partially by the fact that they’ve been so blessed for choice.”

I would recommend everyone to check out the Celestial Kickstarter for info.  Also feel free to give a shout out of support to Nick and his friends on their Facebook pages (Nick GillespieAdam JackUnder Belly Comics)or Twitter (@enigmaticpub and @mradamjack)!

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