Rumble #2

Rumble #2

First I… well, I want to start off by… actually the thing is…

Yeah, that’s what this comic did to me. I had been hearing the rumble about Rumble before the book was even launched. I added it to my pull list and there it sat. Then I started to hear the accolades. Things like ‘Beautiful chaos’ and ‘Awesome’ (What? It’s the simple things that get me.). I figured what the hell, let’s see what this is all about.

Issue 1 hooked me. I read it, saw what the fuss was about and wanted more. Exactly what a good first issue should do. But nothing, and I mean abso-freakin-lutely nothing prepared me for Issue # 2.

We’ve all been there. You’re young and full of life, you go to a party, have some fun and wake up the next day wondering: ‘What the hell was that?’. Maybe you haven’t been there, I don’t know, but trust me- I’ve been there enough for all of us. That kind of disorientating befuddlement is not good but what John Arcudi and James Harren do in Rumble is.

No one wants to feel confused, wondering where they are and why their mouth tastes like a dog licked vomit out of it but sometimes that happens. Sometimes wierd cats named Mr Bildad that have insatiable appetites and a weird growing problem just happen. Sometimes guys made of straw carry big swords and chop up six headed lizards and then get called out by scaly purple sewer dudes who haul around a body that alligators have been towing through the sludge since issue #1. And sometimes all that gets pushed aside when said warrior scarecrow has to throw down with a giant fire monster.

Confused? Good! Tuck in, Bub, you’re in for a ride.

The best part of Rumble is the chaos. As a comic book writer I often pick apart plot details and guess where a story might be headed. That is not the case in Rumble #2. From the very beginning Arcudi and Harren keep the reader guessing. The storyline is paced to keep us in perpetual need of the next issue, always wanting more and hanging on the edge of our seat until we get it. The art provides the perfect visual pairing to the tone of the series. Dave Stewart brings color to Harren’s linework and rounds out the crew. This team up is best known for their work at Dark Horse for their B.P.R.D. stuff but Rumble is all their own.

Now, I could sit here and give you a step-by-step summary of the story but I won’t. That’s right, last week I could not and this week I will not. Rumble is one of those books you must experience for yourselves, a serious contender for an Eisner in 2015.

After reading this issue I was so excited that I reached out to James Harren and asked the first thing that popped into my head. He was kind enough to send a reply!

DP: “Hey man the title, Rumble, means there’s going to be a big scrap, right?”

JH: “I sure hope there will be!”

Just a coincidence that Rumble rhymes with Humble? Huh? Huh? Okay, bad joke.

Rumble #2 is available now. If you haven’t already, go grab a copy today.



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