Ingrid K. V. Hardy launches PIECES OF NOTHING

814dQ7tGeSL._SL1500_Fan-favorite sketch card artist Ingrid K. V. Hardy, fresh off some of the year’s biggest card sets, is poised to make her prose debut next month with a brand-new self-published book. Collecting eleven short stories from nearly as many genres, Pieces of Nothing masterfully paints a range of characters every bit as broad as Hardy’s visual work.

Having written a multitude of stories over the years, Ingrid has crafted a collection that, while embracing a broad assortment of styles, unites to tell the story of the world as she sees it. In her words, “The reason I picked these particular stories, as people will see when they read the book, is that they encompass rather well the concept of nothing. A character making dinner for his girlfriend is a kind of banal moment, but that is when he makes a rather important decision. Another character’s aversion to a particular food—why? A mother and daughter in the kitchen together—a pretty dull scene, but out of that comes time to consider viewpoints. Two unicorns with nothing to do… and nothing happens. Where is the interest in that, you ask? You would have to ask the unicorns. I guess my point is that life is interesting, even if it doesn’t seem to be.”

A long-time mainstay of the sketch card community, Hardy’s work has been seen in Topps’ Star Wars Masterworks, Return of the Jedi, Galactic Files, Star Wars Galaxy 4-7 and others, Cryptozoic Entertainment’s Walking Dead sets 1, 2, and 3, Perna Studios’ Classic Mythology 1 and 2, Spellcasters, and Classic Fairy Tales, Rittenhouse Archives’ Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel and Upper Deck’s Ant- Man. Apart from these, the artist has sold hundreds of privately commissioned art cards and paintings, and with Pieces of Nothing she proves that her virtuoso talents transcend the boundaries between media as well as those between genres. “I love to paint,” Ingrid says, “and to try to capture the feel of a scene or person, but there is only so far you can go. With prose, one can go deeper and really create a multitude of images, feelings, and ideas. I guess, in the end, they feed off of each other. As it should be.”

Ingrid’s fiction has been featured in multiple online Flash Fiction events, and her story “The Fall of Buffalo Bill” was included in The Lost Children: A Charity Anthology in 2011. Pieces of Nothing will be released on January 31 and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.


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