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Do you like noir?  Like horror? Like good imaginative concepts involving new and classical monsters? C U Next Tuesday is the perfect webcomic for you then!  Written and created by Sal Brucculeri and illustrated and lettered by Ibai Canales, this comic is a gem that follows the adventures of Frankenstein’s Bride, aka C U Next Tuesday, as a detective in the Monster Community who has a hard on to bring down the man she was literally made for and also the monster she hates the most of all—Frankenstein’s monster, aka Frankie, the crime kingpin of monsters.

The story opens with C U Next Tuesday in a death battle with a horde of Frankie’s zombies while trying to save Santa Claus.  Frankie himself is observing the brawl, admiring his ex-bride, but manages to escape while Tuesday (as I will refer to her from this point on for obvious reasons) is forced to save the Jolly Fat Man in Red.  Following his rescue, Santa rewards Tuesday with a “gift” that actually turns out to be more of a burden in the form of Robert the Doll, who Santa intended to be her sidekick.  Tuesday attempts to dump Robert, threatening to kill him and kicking him out of her home, but after taking a case to assist her old friend Officer Pigstein (yes, an actual pigman and a Monster Community cop) in tracking some cannibalistic creatures called Melonheads, she finds out that the doll is harder to get rid of than other problems in her life.  Making the most of the situation, Tuesday and Pigstein use Robert as bait to draw out the Melonheads and manage to kill the whole group.  Following the Melonhead case, Tuesday, Robert and Pigstein go to a local monster diner, where their breakfast service is interrupted by the appearance of a disheveled, badly injured goatman named Stan, the brother of their waitress.  When the victim and sole witness to the crime passes out and goes into a coma, their only lead is a business card to a local strip joint called “The Lock”, which just happens to be owned by one of Frankie’s ex-lovers, Nessi.  Tuesday and her crew go to The Lock to investigate, but after a hostile encounter with the Loveland Frogs, a gang of frogmen, and some misdirection from Nessi, who escapes with her bodyguard, Norfus the sheepsquatch (a sheepman and sasquatch combo), they come to a dead end.  They soon return to visit Stan in the hospital where an altercation with his sister causes them to be kicked out by the doctor before they can get any answers.  Soon after leaving the hospital, Tuesday realizes that Robert is missing and receives a call from him, revealing he was captured by Nessi and Norfus while trick-or-treating.  Using Robert as bait, Nessi lures Tuesday and Pigstein into a trap where she transforms from her humanoid form into her giant, monstrous reptilian form in an attempt to kill them.  Tuesday and Pigstein manage to subdue Nessi and take her into custody, but Norfus escapes.  After Nessi’s arrest, Tuesday states that she is going home to get rest after 72 hours without sleep, but she appears to be experiencing some nightmares.

C U Next Tuesday is an incredible piece of art, and Brucculeri and Canales are a solid team, putting together awesome concepts for monsters, great characterization, interesting plots, and snappy dialogue.  The story’s pacing is great and worth a week’s wait for the next page, I guess.  Like any noir comic, the internal monologue of the main character gives the reader most of the exposition needed, but The Bride’s tone makes it comical and all the more entertaining.  Seeing a strong female lead done right is always refreshing as well.  I love seeing reinventions of iconic characters, and I love what C U Next Tuesday does with the blend of pop culture, myth and legend, and modern detective tales.  The creative duo behind it deserves some kind of recognition for their works, and C U Next Tuesday definitely deserves a read from comic lovers of all types.  I, for one, am thrilled to see what is coming next for this series.

The comic can be read on http://cunexttues.com/.  Also, please show your support for them on Patreon and give a shout out on Twitter at @SalveryB.


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