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Welcome back to our Black Ship! I hope you are all well, with a brew in hand. Before you make that next round for the refreshing liquid of aged Whisky you may want to take a look at our latest Kick Starter spot light. This week we bring you a new project by an artist by the name of Josh Dykstra.

Josh has funded two other projects through Kick Starter. The last two were comics that he and his girlfriend had put together. This is his first solo project, and it looks good. It’s a new title called “Loud Fast and Strange”. It’s about a 19-year-old girl who is the lead singer of a rock band. She finds that she can manipulate sound waves, and thus goes on to battle the evil in the universe. At least that’s how he explains it in his little Kick Starter video. The link is:

The project already has some funding, which shouldn’t be a surprise. “FaceBeast” was a pretty damn good title if I don’t say so myself. The FaceBeast saga is about a man who fights crime with his massive beard. I found it to be funny and refreshing. Plus, I have a beard! ( All staff on the Black Ship have beards).The origin story from issue number 2 was clever. I liked his sense of humor in that series, and so hope that this one will have more of that style and tone.

The other title to his name is one called “Agatha Frisky”. I have never heard much about this title and have never come across any of the issues so I can’t say much about it. A quick search through the internet and I found some images. The art seemed smooth, and I looked at the old Kick Starter page to get more info on that title and it goes like this “try to think of it as Time Machine meets Futurama”. Although I liked the little art that I saw I felt it didn’t do the steampunk genre, which it claims to have as a tenant, any justice.

So shout outs to this KickStarter project. It has 21 more days, and is almost there. A little love goes a long way. If you can’t donate, we can all at least spread the words. Flood the ocean with messaged bottles. Until next time, keep this Black Ship of ours sailing!

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