Marvel and DC: A Rant

Dc and Marvel failing

So this week I can’t really review anything for several reasons, the largest being the fact that I really need to vent about how the big two are really letting me down. I have ranted about DC dropping the ball before and I have continuously complained about both companies in several of my other reviews but I really feel the need to talk about it again.

Marvel and DC are both truly losing me. DC already has lost me and I am literally counting down my titles until I have none left. I am on 5 DC books, all of which are ending soon or are on thin ice with me. I am on Constantine, a sad facsimile of Hellblazer that started slow but is finally approaching something resembling it’s past glory but is still light years away, this book is being replaced by Constantine: Hellblazer, which has huge shoes to fill and I fear will probably fall short. I am on 3 Vertigo books, Fables, which ends in 2 issues, The Kitchen, which is an 8 issue mini that has 4 issues left, and American Vampire: Second Cycle, which is honestly a sad sequel to a once amazing book that I hope ends soon or I will be jumping off. I am also on Batman and Robin, which I have reviewed several times here because it is one of the best comics being written right now, and I mean across all publishers, this book stands out as amazing. I fear that it will not survive this Convergence event as I didn’t see it on the list of titles that are surviving the event. I double and tripled checked but hey, if anyone knows different please tell me.

Basically DC is going to lose me for two reasons. The first is that the quality of stories is slipping across the board. Every series I have ever read from DC suffers from the same flaw. The poorly written stories always vastly outnumber the good. The second reason is that DC, for some reason, can’t build a connected universe. They are constantly plagued with continuity errors and disjointed timelines, which force continuous reboots of their universe. Companies shouldn’t need to reboot their universe every 5 years… seriously guys smarten up, it’s not that hard. DC is capable of so much more with its characters and it needs take a step back and look at their past. There are amazing stories in their past, most of which are Elseworld stories, so why not do what Image does and just don’t connect your universes… let your writers create their own universes and give them some more freedom.

With Marvel I am on several titles, none of which are in any real danger of me hopping off right now… except Thor, sorry Jason Aaron I love you but Thor just hasn’t been the same since the God Butcher epic. The problem with Marvel is that they are basically rebooting their universe as well. Which is never a good thing, it just seems like this is a way to bring some characters back from the dead, *cough* Wolverine *cough*.

Marvel’s current universe is the best it has ever been. It’s dark and edgy and the stories are actually all well written. I never was one for staying current with huge books and events like Avengers or Civil War, tending rather to catch up on them in trades well after the story has come out, but wow, since Marvel Now they have just been killing it. But this reboot has me worried. I will be hopping off of a bunch of my books and will very cautiously be trying a few of the new books, if any pique my interest when they are announced. I have always been a Marvel kid but that may change.

The majority of comics I buy are from Image, they are amazing and I plan on talking about them at length soon.

So long and thanks for listening to me rant for 700 words.

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