Venice got Humans!

humans What’s up, Black Shipper’s?! Thanks as always for taking the time to open this bottle that you found inside the sea of the web. I wanted to give a shout out today to a Venice company that I have been missing out on (my bad!). It’s a company that my brother had been backing for a while, and he demanded that I give them a shout-out. They started with a good old-fashioned Kickstarter campaign, but more importantly than that is what this company used their Kickstarter money to do.

To begin with, Human Comics’ main title is Human, and it is best summed up in their own words:

Human is a cyberpunk comic book series created by Venice Beach, California-based screenwriter Gabe Smith. Issues 1 and 2 were published by Human Comics, and distributed in stores by Diamond Distribution following successful Kickstarter campaigns.” They started four different campaigns and two were not funded. That shows the strong mindset and the ‘”I ain’t humans 2giving up” attitude that can help all of us reach the goals we set out for.

What I like about this company is that they have used their Kickstarter funding to break into the industry. It is so refreshing when you help fund something, and then your able to watch it grow. Not only are they getting ready to print their third single issue and the trade paperback to the saga thus far. They are also now taking submissions. This means that they plan to become a factor inside the industry. But what is the aim for this young company?

They have a game plan–something many other Kickstarter-funded operations don’t have. At times with Kickstarter campaigns there is the ever-looming, “Once I do this I don’t know what I’m a do next.” This company has stated on their webpage, “The company focuses on creating original fictional narrative content that can be translated from comic book format to larger multi-media projects for major studios and game developers.” That’s a sound idea.

humans 3 Lastly, the work is solid. It is getting much attention and being applauded. I haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy yet, but rest assured I will. Until then I have only the very smart and humorous Kickstarter video that they used, and the artwork (which, as you can see, is gorgeous).

As always, thanks for reading this message. I hope you keep an eye out for this company. Check them out if you have an idea for publication. As well, shoot me a bottled up message on any Kickstarter campaigns that you think deserve a shout out from we, the drunk crew of this Black Ship!

Thanks, and enjoy the weekend.

Richard Larios
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  1. Wow! I’m honored by this article! Thank you Mr. Larios for the very kind words 🙂
    -Gabe Smith, Human Comics

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