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While I admit that I have never read the comics, as I continue in my resistance to purchasing any more books from the “Big Two”, I have been a fan of Arrow from Day One of its premier on the small screen.  Stephen Amell is remarkable as Oliver Queen and the character arc and overall story has been well done.  With the addition of The Flash to the CW’s lineup, I always have something else to look forward to from the DC classics while waiting for my weekly Green Arrow fix, and while I feel the path of the story is far outpacing the “Scarlet Speedster” with the somewhat rushed reveal of the “Man in Yellow” (even though we all suspected it), I am always excited to see the iconic villains such as Captain Cold, Gorilla Grod, and Captain Boomerang make their debuts, and I’m just praying for the next Arrow/Flash crossover to blow the last one out of the water.  But I digress.  This week I want to focus on Arrow and the potential direction of the show.

Over the three seasons of its small screen life so far, I’ve noticed there have been many borrowed plots and elements from the old Batman mythos, including the most recent twist from last week’s episode “Nanda Parbat” when Oliver was offered to take up the mantle as the next Ra’s al Ghul, which we know to be a role offered to Bruce Wayne, who was also a lover of the Demon Heads’ daughter, Talia.  There was also the reveal of the Atom suit last week, which we’ve all been waiting for since the introduction of former-Man-of-Steel, Brandon Routh, into the series and the revelation of his secret battle suit project.  I’m really hoping for a miniature Justice League to develop from this at some point so we will get a chance to see some other lesser known characters from the expanded Justice League family, like those featured in Justice League Unlimited.  So many possibilities are still there and they could still leave the other super-powered heroes to The Flash without tainting the Arrow series with too many fantasy elements, as the masterminds behind the series seem content to keep a more realistic and darker Christopher Nolan-ish approach.  Maybe Hawk and Dove can be introduced next?  Maybe Steel? Even Vixen and Hawkman/Hawkgirl could be realistically done if played right.  And as I mentioned before, the next crossover with the “Emerald Archer” and “The Blur” could very well introduce other heroes for both series, as we’ve already seen Firestorm make multiple appearances on The Flash, so why not bring some of them back for a massive team-up?  I’m also looking forward to seeing more of the Suicide Squad and wondering if any of this television series could possibly be used as canon to be linked into the upcoming movies slotted for the next few years.  Marvel is doing it with their television series and cinematic universe, and quite well I might add, so why not do the same, DC?


As usual, I like to keep my reviews and rants short and sweet, so I just want to say that Arrow—for all of its secrets, romances, conflict, etc.—is a superhero drama done right, and the borrowed Dark Knight bits are appreciated as the Gotham series seems to be on the path of another Fox network failure.  While I love Mr. Amell in the green hood, I know the possibility of him transitioning to the big screen as the Robin Hood fan boy is low, but I can hold on to my dreams.  I’m really looking forward to the last episodes of this season because after last week’s cliffhanger I’m even more curious what direction the story may take at this point, especially with Atom now ready to defend the city and the Suicide Squad waiting in the shadows for their time to shine.  Could Oliver possibly trust and welcome the man who took his company and one of his favorite girls with open arms onto Team Arrow?  And as far as the Suicide Squad, will we actually get to see Harley Quinn in action alongside the previously revealed members on the show?  I’m open to anything that the people behind Arrow can come up with right now and it definitely has staying power for several more seasons in my opinion.  Just continue to fly straight and true for your fans, Mr. Queen!


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