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indie comics initiativeHello beloved and esteemed crew, and you pesky guest as well.  As always I drank all the whisky, so welcome to this drunken ship we keep afloat some how. We usually like to give our KickStarter shout out for new projects we feel/think will add to the comic world, but I steered off course (Dam Whisky!!), and so this week I’d like to give a shout out to something a little different, but something for all future KickStarter’s to look into. This week I’d like to highlight @!!!The Indie Power Initiative!!!@.

This project  is trying to unite all the indie comic publishers together as a way to counter the big two and the monopoly they hold on the industry. It is something that was called for by The New World Comics. I’m sure there have been others, but I wasn’t aware of it until recently and was made aware by the above mentioned company. Here is the link with more information on how they see it working: In all honesty I have my critics of the process that they are advocating for, but the initiative in spirit is something worth jumping into.

In a nutshell, “The Indie Power Initiative is a massive megaphone that all indie comics publishers can use”, and the mechanics of it are simple enough,

  • Every member publishes one article per title that s/he has. Write and attach pictures in a way that you think sells your comic book the best.  Each article has a link to where the readers can buy that comic.
  • Every member can then also post in real time about releases of the titles s/he’s already written about as well as previews.
  • Every article that’s published is then tweeted about by ALL members of the Indie Power Initiative.

All this sounds great, but the exclusion of FaceBook into the fold is a big miss and has to be worked out in my opinion. This is their reasoning against it: “Why not Facebook? 5-6 daily posts in Facebook can be too much for your audience and it will take over your page’s content. But 5-6 daily posts in Twitter is not overwhelming and not spam.” This would hold true if we don’t build a system for the FaceBook usage, but the system would be built (should be built). That’s my main critic of the overall plan, there are a few other items that erkked me the wrong way, but I won’t nit pick.

So even if your not an indie comic book publisher, you might like indie comics, love to support the arts, whatever it is, lets disempower the mainstream at every chance we get. Lets get comics back from the money driven big two and return it back into your hands to create stories that mean something, to delve into styles that have yet to exist, and to add to the medium of comics.

Thanks for stopping by, as always hit us up with recommendations for future KickStarter Spotlights, we’ll hit back with some support.



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