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Hello everyone, how’s this fine Friday treating you? As always I bring you news from this Black Ship of ours. Searching through bottles I came upon a find. Ensemble Comics.

They currently have a Kick Starter campaign going on. Although I wasn’t able to find much on the story that they hope to develop and publish. They have character art of the characters that they will be bringing to life. They also hope to launch different art competitions through their website Their web page is  http://www.ensemblecomics.com/ and if you got the time it’s worth a quick peek.

Their Kick Starter campaign hopes to get $2,500. They will be printing issues, and purchasing a Wacom Tablet to make things a little easier for them on their quest to create a company inside the realm of comics.

The reasons why this project stood out to me as opposed to all the other great projects that you might find within the Kick Starter page are as follows:

  1. The artist’s involved in the project are siblings, I have noticed that family’s that create comics usually hit it on the nose, such as creators of The Gift, and Dixie Vixen’s(CME).
  2. They are both young, and isn’t it something that we all dreamt of accomplishing when we were young? Well, now were old and still haven’t made the jump. That’s props out to these youngsters that dream with actions.
  3. They claim to be making family friendly comics that will still be appealing to all age category’s. In this world of over sexualization and violence it would be nice to see something that would have to focus on the characters and plot as opposed to sex and violence.
  4. I like the art. Although it looks cartoonish, I think that the art has a style of its own. Something reminiscent of the old school underground comics of the mid 90’s (examples, Silly Rabbit From Moving Target, and Cow From Monster Pants Comic).

Donate if you can, but as always we here on this Black Ship are a bunch of broke pirates. We wouldn’t have it any other way! But there are always other manners of showing support,

For regardless of whether or not you agree with me and see the potential that I do, what’s clear is that these two have embarked on their own little voyage, and so if the stories in their comics don’t get you hooked the stories about their start up project might.

Thanks for stopping by, but I gots to get back to drinking this here whisky. Till next time, all hands on deck, keep this ship sailing!

Richard Larios
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