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Over-the-top stunts with fast cars, close-ups of beautiful women, plenty of gunfights and fistfights, and a tightknit group of bros who are willing to die for each other is clearly one formula for an edge-of-your-seat cinematic experience… even when you do it seven times over. Fast and Furious 7 has finally hit theaters and definitely does not disappoint, clearly receiving plenty of positive reviews from fans and critics. It ties in well with the past movies, expanding on scenes from Fast and Furious 6 and Tokyo Drift, but it does not give the sense of finality you might expect.

When ex-Black Ops agent Deckard Shaw, played by former race car driver and action movie bad boy Jason Statham, discovers the identities of the crew who put his brother in a coma and declares his vendetta against Dominic Toretto and his family, the team is assembled once again to take the war to their enemy. After Hobbes is hospitalized, Han is murdered, and a bomb is sent to the home of the O’Connor family, Toretto attempts to catch Shaw on his own, but failing that, he accepts help from a CIA operative, played by Kurt Russell, who goes by the name Mr. Nobody. Mr. Nobody wishes to use Dom and his team in order to secure a hacker named Ramsey, played by Game of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel, and a program called God’s Eye, which can use any device to find anyone in the world, and in exchange Mr. Nobody will allow Dom to use the God’s Eye to hunt Shaw. With all of that set up, one thing leads to another, and the audience gets plenty of the aforementioned thrills and more, with cars parachuting from planes, some great fights with mercenaries and bodyguards, a daring heist which leads to Dom and Brian flying a car through three buildings, and of course, the final explosive showdown on the streets of Los Angeles. Besides the general plot, there is really no need to go into detail about all of the action because reading about it would not do it justice.


For the seventh and possibly final installment in the long-running franchise, the movie was awesome, delivering laughs (per Tyrese Gibson’s Roman and Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbes), intense action, and even some teary eyes with the final scenes in tribute to the late Paul Walker. I just felt that they left plenty of room for some more movies, with the introduction of new characters such as Mr. Nobody and Ramsey and the lack of major changes among the main characters, especially after the deaths of two of the recurring characters in the franchise in the sixth movie alone (I mean, come on, comatose or not, even the main villain survived the last movie!). While the movie did bring closure to the bromance of Dom and Brian, it didn’t wrap up so neatly for seven movies worth of stories. Whether this truly is the last ride for the Toretto crew or not, it did blow all of its predecessors out of the water and there could very well be a little more fuel in the tank for the franchise, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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